Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Newsnight on the Rise of German Free Nationalists

Tonight's Newsnight was very interesting.

Ignore the usual liberal/Zionist scare stories of "neo-nazi" underground murderers... such an intro is to be expected from a journalist named Adler who normally reports on Israeli affairs.

What was interesting was how German Nationalists are managing to reach out to young Germans, push the anti-Capitalist, anti-Globalist agenda down a Nationalist road, and also form 'free zones' in villages, areas of towns etc. Mention was made of youth clubs, advice centres etc.

Many years ago nationalists here said we should do the same, copying the success (minus the terror and Marxist policies) of Sinn Fein, to bring hope to English communities.

This was ignored and as usual nationalism has been let down by a series of greedy scumbags on the take, egotists, drunkards, sexual degenerates and wrong 'uns.

Millions were poured into God only knows what kind of black hole, when local nationalist councillors in places like Yorkshire were left with no training on ideology, local politics, community activism etc. It was the same old story - grab the headlines, grab the donations, ignore the cause, ignore the people.

No doubt the state was behind some of this, the promotion of violent idiots and those pushing nationalism down a dead-end one way, then the other - when real roots could have been sunk, real "national liberated zones" set up.

Imagine now if areas like that had a barter system, alternative currencies etc. etc. USURY FREE ZONE could be plastered across the zones, along with DRUG FREE ZONE, MUGGER FREE ZONE, FAMILY FIRST ZONE and similar - to give HOPE to our people elsewhere.

But no. Some people would rather play petty politics, pour money into a black hole, chase endless dreams of taking parliament MP by MP... all pipe dreams which the English people do not have time for.

Nationalists need to think. "We" already are being ushered down yet another dead end, being urged to be the street fodder of extreme Zionists.

I would like to think Nationalists had learnt the lessons of the past, but sadly I don't think we ever will!


Anonymous said...

I would expect that apart from the U.S, the German nationalist scene is the most heavily infiltrated and the most closely monitored.
Yet despite these restrictions and handicaps, it appears to be a growing movement, ofcourse the Germans have the historical foundation...which they can look back on and recreate and build on.
But nevertheless they are succeeding to expand and to move forward, whereas the U.K is at best treading water and at worse sliding backwards.
Now this is the first time that I've posted here and maybe I should tread gently, but that's not my nature.
I watched the 4th February 2012, Rochdale 'Infidels of Britain' demonstration.
I was'nt that impressed and I'm a lifelong nationalist, so what would the general public think? (not that any were there to watch, as the demo was corralled in a blind spot away from the public-where police field intel units could record the demonstrators).
What disappointed me most was the disorganisation and lack of discipline (the football fan element bouncing up and down in the air, whilst grinning and chanting did'nt help matters-it was no different from an EDL demo).
Don't misunderstand my purpose, I am hoping that this is viewed as constructive criticism.
The speaker at the demo, did'nt even have a megaphone and no-one took any notice of what he was trying to say (maybe a one sheet rule on general conduct and a brief list of slogans that the demonstrators should repeat in unison-would be an idea?).
I contrast this demo to Oswald Mosleys blackshirts, they looked smart, organised and disciplined (and that was'nt just down to their uniform and flags, they were a striking sight and looked spectacularly impressive).
The Germans and other European nationalists always present themselves as disciplined groups, whilst ours (at least recently, look like a complete shambles and dare I say it...rabble).
If I was a member of the public, I know which type of group I'd be attracted to.
If a movement looks like a disorganised football mob, then who would be confident of it organising a nationalist community and beyond?.

Antony said...

How funny to watch real unity emerge across Europe while all those that have preached unity have practiced division however the authorities will make these people live like the Amish unless they unite across the continent.

jonathan cottam said...

I heavily approve of what these German Nationalists are doing, in practice it is very difficult to achieve, which I think is why both on the left and the right it gets worded and nothing else, we once tried to build such an influence in Preston where I live, but months of work amounted to nothing more than the reopening of a temporary centre, a few films being shown and a hell of a bonfire night before we were closed down.
Such work builds on a paradigm by which districts (the peripheries)can become autonomous financially and politically, theoretically weakening the centre by starving it of finance, thereby becoming the new centre. Such a thing has always only been theoretical but stratagems are one way of coming closer to a goal, which for me is the formation of a true nationalist state, with a permanent participatory ethno-nationalist government and nationalist economy.

Final Conflict said...


I think it depoends if the centre wishes to support decentralisation and such structures.

This has happened in several countries. In Britain where (like it or not) the BNP has been the main party, the BNP have restricted and destroyed all such endeavours for fear they would stop money (etc.) flowing to the centre.

A very short-sighted approach.

jonathan cottam said...

Whilst recognising the potential weaknesses in such an approach, I thought I ought to add, I've always believed this was the best way forward, even before my nationalist views were to the fore, nothing could make more sense to a nationalist approach then that we would strengthen communities of our own people, since the nation itself, is essentially such a community, albeit one that is on a scale where the machinations are a little different. Whilst I think there would be an attempt to end such a project, I don't believe it would necessarily be successful, nor that it would descend into an apocalyptic Syrian scenario of violence, a leftist approach to change, of striking for better pay and then one day having a big strike and starving, has always suffered the same flaws and more, without the attractions and creativity of a community approach.

Anonymous said...

The Left is reliant on the capitalist-industrial 'tyranny', the 'tyranny' of the boss class is proportional to the growth of this so-called revolutionary Left.

Nationalism is based on natural law/instinct and as such is beyond man made constructs/consequence of city/capital/political ideology.

Anonymous said...

It has been done before, and what is more, the British Army let them do it. There were free zones in Derry and Belfast. But the Provos, the Castro-ist plants that they are, committed the Bloody Friday atrocity which gave the red coats the excuse to re-take these zones. Brendan Hughes also alleges that the British security forces planted extra bombs that day. I dream of zones where there would be an absence of state control, a debt-free currency, and a free media/parralel economy not controlled by Rothschild. De Valore Ardenti.

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