Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Nike's St Patrick's Day Black and Tan PR Disaster

They are offensive - sartorially and financially so.
I am outraged by Nike.

They have caused distress and upset in America (and Ireland) by giving a "shoe" (or, splutter... gack.... "sneaker") launched for St Patrick's Day the nickname 'Black and Tan' -- with all the negative connotations the Black and Tans have for Ireland.

Quick history lesson - the Black and Tans were a paramilitary police force for Ireland. They sought to fight back against the guerrilla tactics of the 1920s IRA with terror tactics, committing what many acknowledged to be atrocities against the Irish. Now I know this will rankle with unionists, but it's well known for example that Oswald Mosley spoke out against the Black and Tans (earning him Irish support for his fascists in later years in places like London and Liverpool), whereas the Irish never forgave Winston Churchill who raised the paramilitary force - making them even more keen to be neutral in WW2 (for which kosher revisionists, reds etc. now attack them as traitors or cowards).

But yes I am outraged at Nike. Not at their ignorance, stupidity and frankly hilarious mistake with such a faux pas before St Paddy's; but because they still sell such awful looking tat, made in sweatshops in the east for relative pennies, for such hugely inflated prices to the gullible.

I think I may have post traumatic stress disorder. Where's that number for Claims Direct?


Anonymous said...

Nike = Shite.

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