Friday, 2 March 2012

Turkish Nationalists Target Antifa in Germany

As if Antifa anarchist middle class warriors getting beaten up by Kurdish mobsters wasn't funny enough, now we have what the media term "Turkish neo-nazis" targeting Antifa. Oh the delicious irony.

In truth, historically the "grey wolves" were a kind of Masonic "far right," like the Italian groups set-up or taken over in 70s Italy (the Third Position refused and so was targeted by P2 for suppression - part of which was the infamous Bologna bomb plot).

The hero of the Turk nationalists - Ataturk - was a Donme; a Asiatic Jewish "convert" to Islam. Like the Jewish "converts" to Catholicism that tried to undermine Spain from within (thus bringing about the Inquisition -- which no one expected [my little joke]), so the Donme "converts" created a Masonic Turkey with the cover of Islam (hence historically it has tended to support America and Israel).

But I must admit it is funny (funny weird, not funny ha ha) to see Turks flying Turkish flags in Germany and talking about imperialism or colonialism. They should know!


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