Thursday, 8 March 2012

Posh Students Want to Boss Working Class Lancastrians

Man Met Anti-Fascist Students Unveil New Slogan

....Nazi menace... blah blah... fascist activity... blah blah...

We hope this meeting is open to all, in the true spirit of democracy.

Isn't it funny how Communists, Anarchists and those who would herd us all into gulags become "trade unionists" and "radicals" whenever they fear the rise of street activism by patriots.

It's high time that middle class students (prior to going to work in banking) kept out of local politics, and let local Lancastrians get on with demonstrating against the failed policy of mass coloured immigration.

Help Push Back The Northwest Fascists -
Emergency Meeting Next Tues, 13th March, 7pm At Man Met Uni Students'
Union, Oxford Rd
The recent spike in fascist activity in the north-west is worrying. At
least one Asian-owned business in Rochdale was attacked by a mob of
100, instigated by North West Infidels (23/2). Six hundred EDL
supporters rallied in Hyde (25/2). Some EDL fascists displayed a
banner from the roof of Bury Town Hall (3/3). Towards the end of 2011,
EDL thugs attacked the offices of Unite the union, and a radical
bookshop in Liverpool.
We want to mobilise wider forces to drive back the Nazi menace: trade
unions, students, community groups, faith groups.  Where we've done
this, we've had success, blocking the EDL's national turn-out in Tower
Hamlets (3/9) and destroying the BNP's beachheads of Nazi councillors
in Stoke and in east London in the 2010 elections.
Come to the meeting, affiliate your union or organisation to Unite
Against Fascism and help stop the Nazi threat.


Anonymous said...

whenever i hear students say nazi or fascist i instantly picture Rik Mayall in the young ones. Not a lot changes (infact didnt he go to Man met?)

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