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Homosexuals Want Opponents Locked Up: 1984 in the UK

The new homosexual agenda
Isn't it funny how the "tolerant" are the real haters, of all that is normal and our traditions, and the "bigots" are those who really care the most, for the Common Good and society?

Let's have some recent examples. The push for 'gay marriage' (sic) has been in the news a lot and, as usual, the militant homosexuals (milifags) have been screeching against anyone who dares to speak out.

On the radio the other day a spokesman for Cardinal O'Brien's office was being accused of being a "bigot" after the Cardinal had spoken out against the state changing the thousands-of-years-old nature of marriage just to look all "caring and inclusive" to a minority of political and homosexual activists. The spokesman was of course talking calmly, in measured tones. His response was apt. he said, if you want to see real hatred, go online to see what the homosexuals themselves are writing in response to this news story (you can imagine can't you).

Yet even on the constrained (no filth, swearing etc.) atmosphere of Question Time last night, the homosexual Will Young, let his mask (of "love" and "inclusivity") slip. He openly advocated that priests who preach against homosexuality (by reading a rather sober statement from the Archbishop of Westminster against gay marriage) from the pulpit should be arrested.

Ready the gulags Mildred! We've got a new lot coming in... Imagine if a priest stood up and said homosexuals who speak out against the Church or marriage (between a man and woman!) should be locked up. Imagine the outrage from the pinko BBC, Guardianistas, 'Call me Dave' Tories etc. - it would be palpable, a law might be passed, certainly the cleric would have his (dog) collar felt by the boys in blue, just as the "one man and his dog" TV pundit did when he questioned the 'gay rights' agenda at a public meeting in the West Country (for which he spent a few hours in the cells).

It reminds me of when Elton John said (on a TV chat show - on the BBC I think) that all anti-homosexuals should be taken out to an island. From memory I think he said they should be bombed, but regardless the message was the "bigots" should be 'sent to Siberia.' The host laughed and so some of the audience (inc sycophantic EJ fans) laughed too. Can you imagine a prime time TV show engaging in such badinage with a guest who suggested quarantining or murdering all homosexuals? No? Why? Ask Jeremy Clarkson if he thinks he would get away with it.

We can see which way the wind is blowing. In a similar way in which drugs seem to be everywhere with morons smoking spliffs in the street, politicians doing lines of coke and the media awash with drugs (and homosexuals - that death-style being particularly awash with drug use) -- what does the EU want to do to tackle the big issues of the day which are undermining families and society: outlaw wolf whistling!

In a land where a pretty talentless homosexual (his wooden acting is laughable) gets invited onto Newsnight (again!) to pour forth his bile and hatred against Christianity (note there was nobody on that panel to attack the death style of homosexuality - 4 voices for the poof agenda and only 1 hesitantly, slightly questioning) is a land that is nearing the brink. This is the same BBC which allowed Jeremy Paxman and Richard Dawkins to engage in a 'love-in' on Newsnight (pretending to to be an interview - for with Paxo is usually hard-hitting) in which Christians were openly called "idiots." Correction or cross-examination from Paxo there came none.

This is the world of politics and media - which is so separated from the 'man on the Clapham omnibus' as to be laughable. As with banking, the media, the police, the politicians (in all their recent scandals) so on the issue of homosexuality, "the people" feel uneasy about what is happening; but the media and political classes are determined to push through the poof agenda, despite the fact that just a couple of years ago when pushing for 'civil partnerships' the milifags told us they didn't want full marriage, as the former would give them all the same rights anyway.

No this isn't about "rights." It is about destroying marriage, and destroying the remnants of Christian civilisation.

They are all liars, and when they now tell us that churches won't be forced to allow poofs to marry, how long do you really think it will be before some milifags turn up at a church (like the famous bed and breakfast case) as Chris and Lesley, only to be turned away and then they will go to the European Court of Human Rights.

The milifags will not be happy until they get full wedding rights everywhere. They think that is their right. They think that Christians who actually believe in what the Bible and thousands of years of Christian doctrine has taught them are "evil" and "bigots" and as Will Young has worryingly shown, they would be more than happy for priests, vicars, ministers etc. to be locked up for the great evil (yes that's irony) of saying that homosexuality does great harm to society, to communities, to families and most importantly of all, to the individual.

At the moment children in state schools are being brainwashed. They are being taught the great falsehood that homosexuality is on a par with heterosexuality. The system's stooges are teaching children to "experiment" and pushing the idea at hormonal teenagers with all the angst, worries and stress of those years that they 'may be gay.'

The Frankfurt School Marxists and fellow travellers (e.g. the National Secular Society is run by a homosexual) wish to change our entire society; and Will Self on last night's Question Time made a valid point which many people have missed. Britain is officially a Christian State, albeit the Queen is simultaneously the head of the Anglican Church in England (and Wales?) with its Lord Bishops etc. and the Presbyterian Church of Scotland.

So whilst the Head of State is the head of the established Church (of whom the second-in-command African Archbishop of York and Lord Carey the ex-Archbishop of Canterbury have spoken out in clear terms against 'gay marriage'), her Church is riven over homosexuality and seems to be against 'gay marriage' whilst she, as Head of State is busy rubber-stamping laws which have allowed not only abortion and homosexuality per se, but are now promoting homosexuality in schools and next will allow 'gay marriage' (sic). One wonders how the Queen can be the Head of the Church and push the through the laws that attack that same Church?

It is a self-evidently ridiculous situation that Will Self picked up on, and will undoubtedly mean the disestablishment of the Church of England, and the end of England (and Scotland? and Wales?) as (officially at least) a Christian State.

The Masonic elite always play a multi-layered game with socio-political events, and I'm sure none of this is lost on the degenerates behind the politicians who play them like puppets.

Those Tories who are genuinely patriotic and conservative (with a small c) should think long and hard about what allowing 'gay marriage' will mean. This means so much more than the reputation or image of their party with the pinkos at the BBC. This is about thousands of years of history - and the future of England, Wales and Scotland...

By wishing to pick up a few brownie points with the liberal chattering classes the Tories could be consigning the English nation to the dustbin of history, and delivering what the "loony left" have always wished for - a militant secular state in which no one dare speak out against the madness that is homosexuality for fear of being slammed in a cell by the Tolerance Police.

George Orwell's Big Brother is just around the corner... don't be fooled by the talk of 'love, respect and tolerance' for these will melt away like a snowball in hell once the enemies of civilisation have the "laws" they want.


Anonymous said...

That queer Will Young summed up the queer agenda and Caroline Flint epitomised the thinking of the 'political elite' and as for the Daily Mail journalist bloody hell, there are morons and there are morons!

Will Self is quite a likeable and knowledgable chap and showed up these marxist/common purpose ignoramuses for what they are, if the audience is a good example of the cross section of society then the majority are not cretins and oppose the mouthpieces of the Establishment.

99% of British people HATE poofs and want the maintainance of a vast majority White, British (ie. Welsh, Cornish, Scottish, Geordie, English) cultural identity.

I am White racialist, 'homophobic' or as I'd say I hate queers, I'm not so much xenophobic as couldn't give two f**ks about foreigners, I hate niggers and pakies oh! and nearly forgot I am very discriminatory!

Rufus said...

Homosexuals are mentally impaired - literally. Their 'lifestyle' is a pursuit of what Sigmund Fraud (sic)called the Death Instinct. They epitomise everything which is wrong with the liberal laissez-faire mentality.

Before commiting professional suicide by speaking out against political correctness at a Civil Service training session, I worked with drug addicts, some of whom were queers.

Far from homosexuals being victims of a mysteriously illness associated with the HIV virus, their contraction of AIDS is very much lifestyle driven. Heavy hard drug use destroys the immune system, which makes the bum stuffers more at risk from all the nasties which can be transmitted through anal intercourse. The HIV issue is really a red herring. Poofters bring about their own demise through drug abuse and sodomy, not through a maligned natural entity which many people have and never know about.

With the number of milifags spreading, I may have to take up Elton John's offer of living on an island bereft of queers. As for them bombing it, as soon as they saw the shape of the missile, it would be themselves that perished! Dirty buggers!

Final Conflict said...

This is one of those situations where you can see the spin and the lies being enacted in front of you.

All nationalists should refute the lies of the pc crowd, the Tory modernisers and the party political hacks behind them.

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