Sunday, 4 March 2012

Why is David Cameron Pushing "Gay Marriage?"

As it surely prepares to bring about "gay marriage" proving yet again where the loyalties of politicians lie, [in a report by the BBC] the Home Office said "all couples should have the choice of marriage."

Really? All couples?  So the little old lady sisters who live across the road? The old bachelor and his pet dog? What about the brother and sister who jointly inherited the house they share?

You think I'm being ridiculous eh? No moreso than those who think a couple of homo's should be able to be 'married!'

Right: An Indian marries a dog. How long before such a "loving relationship" happens here? We don't want to be racist. Mustn't we allow others to live and let live? Surely love is all that matters? Bigots should not be allowed to stop love.

The politicians have wrecked England through mass immigration. They have wrecked stability through attacks on marriage and the family. They have wrecked the economy through bailing out bankers and insistence on paying usury debt.

The truth is a minority of a minority (the militant activists amidst the 1% of active poofs), probably no more than 0.1 - 0.5% of the population, want marriage overturned and its very essence destroyed. The militant homosexuals ("milfags") say "the church doesn't own marriage" and they are right. Marriage was around before Christ instituted His church, indeed, Christ performed His first public miracle (water into wine) at the marriage feast at Cana. What the milfags overlook is that marriage (between one man and one woman) has been around for thousands of years. The church inherited it, made it into a sacrament, placed the very institution on a pedestal. They knew how important marriage was and is.

It has been around a long time for a very good reason. Empires have come and gone. Nations ceased to exist. Yet marriage has continued. Now, within a short time of saying they didn't want "gay marriage" (after getting civil partnerships) they want "gay marriage." These people are organised liars, they create falsehoods (the classic being 10% of people are poofs), organise the media to promote their falsehoods and then try to shoehorn public policy, knowing that most people might complain, but "Live with it" once it happens (and forget about it after umpteen Eastender plotlines and Sun editorials).

Gay marriage is an oxymoron. We have seen the results of previous assaults on marriage - a lawless society, generations of "I know my rights" ne'erdowells with no idea of duty, fidelity or the common good. Whole communities where fathers are a vague memory, where drug abuse is common and ASBOs are a badge of honour.

Do the politicians really think they are going to fix anything by giving in to the 0.1% milfags and downgrading marriage? If they allow "gay marriage" how long before the licentious nature of the poofs feeds through to rapid marriage-divorce-marriage-divorce proceedings that will make Elizabeth Taylor look like a one man gal. Moreover, how seriously are people going to treat marriage once it is equated with sodomites?

They have undermined marriage and now they wish to fatally wound it! We all know two wrongs do not make a right. You do not remedy years of liberal attacks on marriage by the most liberal possible attack on it! You fix marriage by undoing the liberal experiments that have damaged it.

Even if you don't give two figs about poofs, one has to wonder why on earth a government is pushing this agenda when neither party it is comprised of fought the election on "gay marriage," especially when there are so many real problems, from crime to poverty, taxation to unemployment, foreign wars to the price of gas, electricity and petrol. Is "gay marriage" really important to the vast majority of people after the mess the banks have put us in? Yet, just like NuLab before them, this government seems to find the money and time to endlessly promote faggotry.

The sad thing is that all the political parties, pay more heed to the milfags, who seem to hold sway over so many politicians and media-voices. We can only guess why. Institutionalised political correctness? The pink pound? Milfags in positions of power?

One thing's for sure. It is the duty of all patriots to expose the lies of the milfags and the traitor politicians who do their bidding.


Anonymous said...

Boys cant grow up without fear that any male attention in their lives from friend or teacher, has an ulterior motive. What a perfect way to further erode any bonds between men. Young men already have to contend with accusations of domestic violence whenever they raise their voice to a woman, accusations of paedophillia if they talk to anybody under 16, every camping trip faces comparisons to Broke back mountain and to top it off even marriage will be described as GAY. Do you think masculinity is dead yet?

Anonymous said...

Cameron is a fag in more than one sense!

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