Thursday, 15 March 2012

GK Chesterton on the Expulsion of the Jews from England.

Listen to GK Chesterton's The Curse of the Golden Cross here.

It may only be on BBC iplayer for a few days so go quickly.

The charming story includes a brief history of moneylending Jews and their expulsion from England. It's not often that appears uncritically on the Beeb.

No doubt the faggot head of the National Secular Society is penning a piece on "Christian hatred of Jews lead to the Holocaust" right now!


Anonymous said...

Oi Jew - Get outta my house!

Balder said...

Did you download the programme? It is not available anymore:


Sorry, this programme is not available to listen again . (why?)

Last broadcast last Tuesday, 01:30 on BBC Radio 4 Extra (see all broadcasts).

I'd like to hear it!

Final Conflict said...

No, but now they've been rebroadcast I'm sure they'll show up on various sites for download.

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