Monday, 1 June 2009

Singalonga Expenses Scandal

In light of the scandal of politicians of all shades fiddling their expenses (in and out of Westminster and Brussels*) I got to thinking of what songs best some up this situation.

So here's my top 3 in reverse order:

  • One Law For Them by The 4 Skins. An obvious song, whose repetitive chorus speaks for itself: "One law for them; and another law for us."
  • Stormtroopers in Sta-press by The Last Resort. This one sums up the situation perfectly: "They got more money than they got sense, they're just after your last few pence. Shine up your boots for the fight, and let's go smash Westminster tonight!"
  • But the best of all has to be National Service by Super Yob (aka Frankie Flame and Straw Dogs) "I know you, you say 'bring back national service' " which has the story line of a right-wing Colonel Blink type politician getting found out and dragged through the courts, so the real crook is the one who sits in judgement on the workers of the country. It's a great singalong song too.
Perhaps you have ideas for similar songs that sum up the current situation - feel free to share them with one and all (nothing by Ken Dodd please).

*And just wait till they unravel local councils and their rotten bakhandas!


Anonymous said...

How about Mr. Banker by Lynyrd Skynyrd, Bread or Blood by 4 Skins, Suburban Rebels by The Business and, last but definately not least...Watch Your Back by the ever so mighty Cocksparrer?

Final Conflict said...

Sorry - totally overlooked Skrewdriver's 'The House of Treason' (which Blackout do a great cover version of!). An obvious omission!

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