Thursday, 9 July 2009

9/11's 'War on Terror' Delivered the Police State

If anyone thinks the "War on Terror," "Al Qaeda," "9/11," "7/7" and all the rest of the awful Americanisms so bandied about by our willing media (BBC, Murdoch-owned and other) were just good v. bad, or simple aspects of a naturally occurring 'terrorism' they are fools at best, willing dupes or just plain evil opportunists at worst.

World Zionism, Global Freemasonry, the New World Order... call it what you will: it has organised, cajoled, used agent provocateurs, whipped up a scared, compliant or ambivalent media.

Think I'm wide of the mark?

Watch this week's Panorama (still on BBC i-player) and you will see how we have become a very real police state with all kinds of legal demonstrations and justifiable political campaigning all but labelled "terrorism" with the knee-jerk ill thought out "anti-terror" legislation, blindly accepted by our money-grubbing politicos, used to scare, frighten, silence and otherwise target legitimate campaigners.

Since when does the state have the right to take the picture/video and name/details of every single person on a legal demonstration (as I know from one National Front friend they did a couple of years back as NF members disembarked from a coach).

We live in a police state.

That is what 9/11 and all the rest of the nonsense was all about.

And as more body bags come out of Afghanistan as we, the new Soviets, fight the Mujahadeen 1.2 we are still told we are fighting for "democracy" and even "wymmins rights" in Afghanistan.

That must be why we invaded Burma, North Korea, China, Saudi Arabia, Israel... and all the other nations that use lethal force against their own people and neighbours in contravention of international law.

So please, fellow nationalist, open your eyes.

See beyond the media headlines. See through the "patriots" who serve the NWO agenda by trying to ally us with Israeli interests. See past the "War on terror" claptrap and the lies that our countrymen are dying in Afghanistan to "defend us" or "defend democracy."

We are being ushered into a police state. The "Al Qaeda" bogeyman has been used to silence those who protest against new labour, big business - and much more.

Anti-terror legislation was used to freeze Icelandic assets when the whole 'Credit Crunch' hit.

Now Panorama makes it clear that as well as the whole DNA database scandal and the government's attempt to keep a database on all our children, the police are now keeping all info on any innocent, law-abiding demonstrators for many years.

The Credit Crunch began when Zionist bankers and shysters in America started profiteering from poor communities by charging exorbitant rates of usury even beyond the "accepted norm."

The "War on Terror" started because our Zionist masters wanted "the West" to become far more active in the Mid East for Israeli interests, as well as enabling them to push through scandalous legislation such as the "Patriot Act" [sic] to spy, keep records, and silence more of us.

Quid Pro Quo, mon ami, Quid Pro Quo.


Anonymous said...

We know, and they know, that the British couldn't give a monkey's nuts about any so-called 'al-qaeda' threat, and that in much the same way as the British Army was deployed to protect the murdering IRA from the wrath of the people... so is the power of the State deployed to protect those who wish us harm ie. 'al-qaeda' from our wrath now.

We don't need any ID card - we know who we are. If you want to take away our liberty then lock us up and charge us.

Death to ZOG!

Anonymous said...

You're spot on. We're watched more than Soviet citizens were.

Anonymous said...

Quite a comparison with Soviet citizens when one considers it is Soviets who are in control of the British State!

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