Saturday, 4 July 2009

Katyn Massacre: Communism's Epoch


Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting this FC. I remember when I was in Poland in 90/91 just after the 'iron curtain' had fallen one of my Polish hosts went all clandestine and showed me a black & white picture of Katyn woods and a cross to commemorate those slain, he informed me that there was a very heavy price to pay for simply having this photo in his possession.

Another interesting thing was the fact that the police were routinely given a pasting (I know because I partook in such activity!) with no fear of retribution because the police were 'ex' communists, personally I would have liked to have seen every last one of them Red bastards swing!

Perhaps I am being cynical, but it would not surprise me in the least if we now see the release of a 'Warsaw Uprising' film.

A further point to ponder is how much photographic evidence at Katyn is routinely used as 'evidence' of concentration camp atrocity?

Anonymous said...

I find it increasingly hard to believe anything I am told about WW2.

Rufus said...

Finally, a film about one of the atrocities of Communism. Will British School-chlidren and Public Sector employees be forced to watch this as is the case with the ceaseless 'holocaust' propaganda fils? Or are the very real 40 million Gentile victims of the Soviets not as important as the imaginary 6 million Jewish victims of the anti-Soviets, who died on paper only?

Hakenkraze said...

Excellent.We need many more of these anti-communism reality films.I urge nationalists to read Irving`s "Uprising"(1956 Hungary),and "The anti-humans"(Romania).
The Jews can`t keep a lid on their evil deeds forever!

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