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Simon Sheppard and Stephen Whittle Convicted

If anyone thinks I was 'over the top' in recently denouncing "7/7" and the whole "war on terror" conspiracy debacle, note that the government offers up a "counter-terrorism" expert.

I was never aware that holding politiocal opinions or debating history was tantamount to "terrorism."

Is the government, like the Masonic ADL, now saying that anything that questions Zionist power, Zionist war propaganda etc. is "terrorism?"

Have hundreds of years of English legal tradition been flushed away by a system subserviant to a form of political control-freakery responsible for needless wars, mass murder, enslavement to the banks, usury debt, mass unemployment etc.?

BBC Friday July 10


They looked like a pair of cranks straight out of a Louis Theroux documentary.

One was an unrepentant woman hater whose racist and anti-Semitic views were too hard-line even for the British National Party.

The other, his long-haired sidekick, sought the protection of a pseudonym that he used to make extremist rants.

Their hunger to stir up controversy saw them flee from justice in the north of England and stage an unlikely claim for political asylum in Los Angeles.

But their journey has now ended with jail sentences in the UK.

Jurors at Leeds Crown Court decided neo-Nazis Simon Sheppard and Stephen Whittle were not just harmless oddballs, but dangerous propagandists dedicated to whipping up racism.

On Friday, Sheppard was jailed for four years, 10 months and Whittle for two years, four months.

In a landmark case, they have become the first Britons to be convicted of inciting racial hatred online, having printed leaflets and controlled websites featuring racist material.

'Obnoxious and abhorrent'

The court heard the investigation into the pair began when a complaint about an anti-Semitic comic book called Tales of the Holohoax was made to the police in 2004 after it was pushed through the door of a synagogue in Blackpool, Lancashire.

It was traced back to a post office box in Hull registered to Sheppard, 51, a former BNP organiser kicked out of the far-right party after he was jailed in 2000 for distributing a racially inflammatory election leaflet.

The spotlight fell on the publishing activities of Sheppard, of Selby, North Yorkshire, a self-styled "scientific publisher", whose online ramblings took in a hatred of women and a morbid fixation with cannibalism.

But a police investigation discovered that his prime motivation was racism and he dedicated himself to producing what prosecutors called "obnoxious and abhorrent'' books, pamphlets and web pages.

What they are not entitled to do is to publish or distribute those opinions to the public in a threatening, abusive or insulting manner either intending to stir up racial hatred or in circumstances where it is likely racial hatred will be stirred up
Mari Reid, CPS Counter Terrorism Division

On his website, Sheppard employed Whittle, 42, of Preston, Lancashire, as a columnist under the pseudonym "Luke O'Farrell".

Although their vitriol was variously directed at black, Asian and other non-white people, most of the material shown to the jury was virulently anti-Semitic.

The language and racial slurs used by the pair cannot be repeated here, but some of the excerpts presented to the court offered a flavour of their discourse.

One leaflet claimed that Auschwitz had not really been the location of industrial mass murder but had been, instead, a holiday camp provided by a benevolent Nazi regime for Europe's Jewish population.

Jonathan Sandiford, prosecuting, told the jury that it held up survivors of the Holocaust to "ridicule and contempt", accusing them of lying about the genocide of six million Jews.

Another story was illustrated with photographs of dead Jews. Sheppard also wrote that Holocaust victim Anne Frank's diary was "evil".

Reviewing lawyer Mari Reid, of the Crown Prosecution Service's counter-terrorism division, said members of the public were entitled under the law to hold racist and extreme views.

But she added: "What they are not entitled to do is to publish or distribute those opinions to the public in a threatening, abusive or insulting manner either intending to stir up racial hatred or in circumstances where it is likely racial hatred will be stirred up."

Thrown out

The defence argued that the online material did not fall under the jurisdiction of UK law, because Sheppard's site was hosted on servers in California.

But in a landmark ruling, the judge dismissed this - potentially paving the way for further prosecutions against the owners of other hate sites who believe they are exploiting a legal loophole.

Jurors, too, rejected the defence's claim that the pair's writings were merely satirical.

Sheppard was found guilty of 11 offences and Whittle was found guilty of five offences in July 2008.

Sheppard was found guilty of a further five charges in January 2009.

But the pair were not in court to hear the verdicts against them.

Before the jury in the first trial could return verdicts, both men fled to Los Angeles International airport and attempted to claim political asylum.

But their bid was thrown out by an immigration judge, and they were held at Santa Ana prison in California until they were returned to the UK to serve their sentences.

The irony of two racists attempting to exploit the immigration and asylum system was lost on no-one who followed the case.


Rufus said...

I have never met Stephen Whittle so I feel unable to comment on the man, other than to say he showed extreme bad judgement in associating with Simon Sheppard.

Simon Sheppard on the other hand, is a man I have spoken with at length. I also bought his bizarre and pointless cd (Musigeny), and his book (Tyranny of Amiguity).

I found Sheppard to be a disturbed individual and conversation with him was uncomforatble. I discovered just why my neck hairs stood on end in his presence when I read his book from cover to cover. Sheppard tries to pass his book off as a work of science. It is nothing of the sort. sheppard uses his book to brag about his sexual antics with children in the Netherlands. Thankfully his predatory approaches are generally rejected by his would be victims. The man is a paedophile who is so creepy that he scares the children in question - Thank heaven!

it is a real shame that Nationalists have supported the 'Heretical Two'. Comparing Auschwitz to Butlins is the sort of lunacy which the Zionist elite love, as it makes those who repeat it appear stupid. It has the damaging effect of linking real serious revisionist research with stupidity. If the likes of Sheppard and Whittle think this is the way to expose the Holyhoax propaganda, they are very very wrong.

The conviction of Whittle and Sheppard gives the establishment ammunition to use against genuine upholders of free speech and truth seeking.

Whilst I find the conviction of anyone for thought crimes abhorent, I cannot be anything but pleased that the sick pervert Sheppard is off the streets. He is finally somewhere where he cannot injure any more children. He is in a place where nonces are not well liked, and where he may well receive some real justice for his pederasty.

Anonymous said...

Not knowing the man or his work I always took this material/case at face value.

I did see some material of a sexual nature on his site some years back which I found highly questionable and hence never promoted his site.

I think it is perfectly natural to condemn someone for their sexual proclivities [or worse!] whilst condemning a system for seeking o jail people who have "alternative" views on matters of history... even if they veer off.

If David Icke says that Queen Victoria was an [alien?] reptile I am laugh, condemn, scoff or ignore him.

But I can condemn a system which would lock him up for his conspiracy or history theories.

Likewise I can condemn Martin Webster for his efforts to get homosexuality "accepted" in nationalist circles,yet if the system sought to jail him for his writings on Zionism (which are rather good as it goes) I would condemn the system likewise.

If Sheppard was/is a paedophile then he should be jailed for those crimes.

Jailing someone for their writings on history is another matter.

Anonymous said...

Interesting point regarding the Holocaust, the fact that those who term themselves National Socialists deem this of utmost importance does in fact to a disservice to NS, in fact it plays into the hands of those forces (Zionists) who need to maintain the perpetuation of the accusations of the systematic genocide of the jew.

These same elements who term themselves NS fail to see that they are being manipulated into making the Holocaust the bedrock of NS, in fact they are nothing more than unwitting tools of the Zionist. Not surprising when one considers that those who thus term themselves NS are not the brightest of individuals.

National Socialist ideology has nothing to do with the Holocaust (hoax or otherwise).

What I am therefore trying to point out is that if anyone (NS or otherwise) draws too much attention to the Holocaust one must be on guard because it is 99% a surety that they are agitators for those elements who do not have our interests at heart.

As for anyone who expresses paedophile acts (fiction or otherwise) well... I hope it doesn't need someone like me to tell those who may accept them 'as one of us' that this is totally and utterly WRONG and that the least that should happen is that they be shunned and physically maimed!

Nationalism is a noble cause that should at all times value quality over quantity.

Hakenkraze said...

Oh dear.I`ve been banned from Stormfront for merely quoting the former words of the mew moderator VanguardUK who was slagging off the H2.Apparently,that`s deemed as a "slur".LOL
The heretical two thread has simply dssappeared!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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