Sunday, 12 July 2009

Afghan War: Zionists Sent Our Troops to Die

Afghanistan is a needless, pointless war: as far as we in the UK are concerned.

For the powerful elites in Washington DC and Tel Aviv it's a different mater of course.

So we have to ask ourselves, why should our troops - including teenage boys - be put out as cannon fodder?

It is a Zionist war! We have no interests in it. End of.

When "9/11" happened and America started attacking Afghanistan, with the backing of a supine Westminster regime, some "patriots" immediately supported them.

On the back of the "911" lies they whipped up support for a 'war on Islam' because this was the path they were starting down, a road that would see them marching in step with Neo Cons, Zionists and other enemies of Britain and our interests.

At that time we went against the (perceived!) grain by putting out a colour leaflet (with the popular "US Govt. Under Zionist Control" sticker design on the bottom of it).

I don't have a copy to hand (but I do have one in a file somewhere in the depths...) but the leaflet made circa ten or a dozen key points against the Afghan War, points that could not be denied by any serious thinking nationalist.

It was as a result of this leaflet that the Kosher Patriots back-peddled and changed their story.

"Islamofascism" was still the number one threat (a lie not borne out by subsequent events, especially the global economic crash, caused by Zionist banksters in America -- clearly part of the main threat to our stability and well-being) but they were forced to admit that foreign wars were wrong and that no British lives should be put on the line.

Of course this new line made no sense, because if you really do believe that "Militant Islam" is the threat to world peace, then you would (still) support the war in Afghanistan because our troops are out there fighting Muslims, and Muslims that oppose the New World Order, Israel and the whole package.

I have condemned and exposed (yuch!) David Aaronovitch for his gung-ho approach to the War on Terror [sic], and even he is now trying to water-down his history in these matters (see recent post) but at least he still supports the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq (though with tacked-on hypocritical caveats).

Those who back the Neo-Con verbage re. Clash of Civilisations and the War on Terror yet who found it "unpopular" to support the Zionist Wars and so back-tracked are even worse, because they do not even have the courage of their own convictions!

Those of us who saw through 911, who have always condemned militant Zionism as the threat to world peace, who have always pointed to he Zionist role in usury-banking as the threat to lives, homes, jobs etc., those of us who have condemned the ghost-outfit Al Qaeda as a CIA set-up etc. etc. have no such qualms.

Not one British, not one European (yes... not even one American!) life should be put on the line for illegal, Zionist wars.

It is as simple as that.

But in opposing British involvement in foreign wars, we must join-the-dots.

If we oppose Zionist Wars we must oppose the entire War on Terror.

To do otherwise is to excel in hypocrisy.

The family of each and every dead and maimed soldier deserve better than that.

I believe this video deals with the time when our own 'Mid East Envoy' was one Lord Levy! The man of the peerages for cash scandal: Lord Cashpoint himself.

Now ask yourself this: who runs the "free world" [sic]; who runs the banking system; who runs Hollywood; who runs the media.


Er.... no.


Anonymous said...

We are to fight a crusade to free the home of the Arab peoples for a spanky, shiny 'New Israel' for the U.S. Christian Zionists like John Hagee who are the Shabat Goy (house servants) of the atheistic Communist-Zionists. And there seems to be no way to stop it. Even the Pope (I'm sorry to say) is ham-strung by the grovelling of his former colleagues over the past fifty or so years.

Anonymous said...

Fantastic post and analysis.
It is telling the truth.

Anonymous said...

Lord Levy actually admitted that his main aim was to put himself in the position where he would be in charge of Labour donations, this also put him in the position where HE could dictate Labour policy on jewish affairs and vet for any 'dodgy' donors.

Be aware that LimDems and CONservatives are subject to a similar operation.

"He who controls the pursestrings controls the puppetstrings." - Y Gigfran.

Stevil said...

Great post

Anonymous said...

Great post. and not a muzzie scapegoat in sight! PJ

Khamas goy said...

FC, please see The Arrivals, on youtube, at least the episodes that they havent been able to pull, the brothers that made this series are dead men walking, at least check out what they have to way about the NWO luciferian conspiracy, these guys are definitely not like so many of their ilk, disinfo agents, these guys are pretty much spot on.

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