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I'm no Lunartic but...

I never used to pay much heed to the "moon landings" not being any kind of astronomer/astrologer or whatever those types call themselves.

Right: And first right over the next hill is the interstate to Las Vegas!

Steve Brady's articles in Nationalism Today about the wonders of space exploration bored me rigid.

I watched one of the "debunking" conspiracy series on those who believed the moon landings to be fake with an open mind, and to be honest it neither convinced nor repulsed me viz the idea of it all being staged in the Arizona [?] desert.

However, the more the media have rattled on about the 40th anniversary of Apollo 11 the more I find myself questioning the events of 40 years ago.

Not because of flickering flags, funny shadows, light/dark etc.

My point is this. There was a "space race" between the USA and USSR. This was a facet of the Cold War, in which all manner of black ops, psychological warfare and much else was carried out by both sides.

1969 was during the Vietnam War and in the shadow of the Cuban Missile Crisis. if you believe that the Feds lied and covered up, it was also just a few years after they had killed their own President to ensure that the Cold War - and actual wars! - continued.

So here's my point.

We have a Cold War at its height. The Soviets are in space. What a phenomenal way to "prove" that 'western democracy' is best by putting a man on the moon!

And here's the icing on the cake which I've been boring the sprogs with and anyone who walked within shouting distance this last week:

If they put men on the moon in 1969, why haven't they been back? To claim more of it for America (and "democracy").

If they could put men on the moon in 1969 using computers with less power than a modern mobile phone, why not go back and set-up bases... surely easier than building a "space station" because it would be fixed and static and less risk of losing men when they have to repair it.

It would also enable the Space-dudes to wander about, or zoom about on their wee buggies, taking readings on the moon.

What about a space telescope based on the moon eh?

That is why I believe the 1969 landings were faked. They were carried out to gain 'one up' on the Soviets - and whilst all kinds of satellites, manned flights and even probes have been sent to Mars etc. etc. man has not "gone back" to the moon.

It makes no sense.

Over and Out.


Anonymous said...

They have been back to the moon, several times! There is not much on the moon, the Chinese are sending a mission up there to try and take advantage of some mineral they can get from there... but the costs involved for that which they can extract may prove unjustifiable.

As to if it was faked or not, why on earth would they go to such elaborate lengths, and to be honest there are far too many involved in maintaining such a pretence, this emphasises my point about most conspiracy theorists being full of shite!

As for further explorations to the Moon, well I'm with Armstrong on this one, and we should concentrate our efforts on Mars, as I am of the belief that life did exist on this planet, and is it not also true that we do indeed 'come from the stars', afterall we are not muds?!

Rufus said...
One of the best articles about the Moon landings can be found at the link above. There has been a lot of research into the impossibility of astronauts going to the Moon and back, passing through the Van Allen Belt without radiation suits, yet surviving against all odds. The article here looks into new territory - specifically the technical production of the filming of the Moon Landings. The evidence that the footage has been doctored is overwhelming.

It now appears that Stanley Kubrick was the man behind the NASA footage - and the proof of this can be seen in the exact same technique used in his fottgae for 2001 A Space Odyssey. The article goes into depth on this.

Finally - the issue of Flying Saucers is discussed. What is more likely? That aliens from lightyears away fly to the Earth, do some aerial acrobatics, then fly off? Or that the revolutionary technology of the Third Reich (Luftwaffe Flying Discs) was taken by the USA and further developed, with the entire UFO phenomena and Roswell being simply a smokescreen to conceal the real technology?

It is interesting that JFK was killed shortly after announcing the plan to 'put a man on the Moon.'

I'm glad you raised this issue. I dare say I too will be labelled as a Lunartic!

Hakenkraze said...

Come on F.C,everyone knows that the scientists are sending laser beams up at the moon.How you could possibly question the veracity of the scientists who swear blind that these beams are demonstrably reflecting off little parabolic science-kit mirrors I don`t know.

P.S I should`nt laugh,because that very same pitiful argument sold me MANY moons ago before I had access to the relevant information regarding the state of 60`s technology/fatal radiation of the Van Allen belts/catastrophic danger of mini-meteorites/complete lack of reliable photographic proof/total corruption of establishment science etc,etc.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

I believe they were faked too.
Apparently there's a radiation belt called the Van Allen belt which is too strong for any space craft to travel through.

Final Conflict said...

Anon [first reply]: this doesn't answer my point: why noy buil;d a station etc. there where you have solid ground, some degree of gravity etc. as opposed to twirling in space with all the assorted dangers and difficulties?

Rufus: You were always a lunartic in my eyes! lol ;-)

Thanks for all the input dudes.

Apparently C18 were going up there "to send the aliens back in bodybags". guffaw!

Anonymous said...

Bollocks to all these 'conspiracy theorists', what did NASA hope to gain from the hassle of falsifying and then having to maintain the pretence.

NOTHING is impossible.

Anonymous said...

Why the reference to C18? what relevance does this have to this or is it you being 'funny', most perculiar behaviour on your part I must say.

GriffinWatch said...

An interesting take on the subject.

Final Conflict said...

why C18?

because that too was a conspiracy - a state honey trap!

They threatened to send non-whites home in body bags - but mostly targeted nationalists.

Anonymous said...

C18 were diverted into thinking they could be political as opposed to that which they were originally, that is, unashamedly a physical-force grouping which managed to face Red Action/AFA head-o, and actually did manage to curtail and stem the activities of those elements whose sole purpose was to cause physical harm to nationalists/patriots.

Anonymous said...

Ain't ego a dangerous thing? no doubt the State figured out the 'main players' and indulged them in dreams of becoming the 'British Fuhrer'... This talk of C:18 being a honey-trap is no doubt true regarding the latter days but, originally the State had no part to play as those participants were indeed a mish-mash of NS militans/football lads coming together for a common purpose.

No one is in any doubt that C:18 kept a lid on the Reds/Anti-Nazi activity for several years, indeed these elements are still wary today.

Khamas goy said...

One of the miracles of the Quran is that from the first verse of chapter/surah 54, a chapter entitled al qamar- the moon,is that it is exactly 1389 verses from the end of the book, the year 1389 of the islamic calender corresponding to 1969, the year of the moon landing, if it wasnt for this fact i'd probably agree with you FC, but if you read those first few lines of the chapter Allah even relates the moon being split/ ploughed and of the rejection of disbelievers at witnessing the miracles of Allah.

National Socialist said...

Thousands of people were involved in the Moon landings from Top scientists to humble office clerks. To keep secret such a gigantic hoax amongst so many people would be impossible.

I am afraid you are wrong on this one.

Anonymous said...

The whole 'moon landing is a hoax' may have emenated from those elements who cannot argue against the fact that it is WHITES who developed rocket engineering, it is WHITES who put the men up there, and it is WHITES who were the first to land on the moon.

Remember it also says in the Bible that the White Race come from the stars, we are merely striving to return, muds are referred so because they come from the soil.

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