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Journalists Who Argued for Illegal Wars Should Face Trial

There is hypocrisy and there is bare-faced cheek... then there is something more.

Right: Like all court historians and journalists Aaronovitch earns his shilling by attacking the enemies of his masters. As well as defending illegal Zionist wars across the Middle East -- yet not wishing to put himself on the front line! -- he also produced this tome, which wraps up real history with crank history, so any idea of "Zionist power" is as 'crazy,' in his works, as Dan Brown's gnostic theories.

The Jews have a word for it: chutzpah [drop the c and you've pretty much got the phonetic pronouncement].

Chutzpah is when someone kills your mum, makes you pay them for the coffin and then comes round every day to help you spend your inheritance on items which they then walk off with... only to sell back to you at a later date at an inflated price on HP which you can by then ill afford, only to repossess your house for your failure to keep up the HP payments. he'd probably then offer to rent your ex-home to you at twice the going rate.

Our politicians are quite good at chutzpah. So were the banks (sub-prime mortgages etc.). So are quite a few media talking-heads.

Imagine Tony Blair, invader of Iraq and co-author of the "War on Terror" stitch-up being made the Mid East's "peace envoy."

That's chutzpah.

OK, you can put your note books away now. Lesson's over.

Last night on the BBC's Politics Show I witnessed possibly one of the worst cases of chutzpah in recent months.

A journalist said that we do not want to be in Afghanistan, but now there we must see it through.

Nothing strange there as a few politicos (e.g. a Lib Dem -- who have been critical of recent wars -- on the BBC's Question Time said much the same last night).

However when you think of how said this particular statement (i.e. we should send in more troops though we may not like it) you realise how we are being spun yet another line by a bunch of apologists for mass murder who care not a jot how many body bags come back to be saluted by the population of Wootten Bassett as they pass through in yet another flag-draped funeral cortage.

You see the reporter in question was one David Aaronovitch.

"Who he?" you might ask.

Well, the reporter tends to work for The Independent, and when the whole "9/11" and "War on terror" mess was being rolled out to a credulous population, Mr. Aaronovitch was the key 'left-wing' cheerleader for the Zionist policy of war against Afghanistan, Iraq and anyone else that America-UK-Israel deemed a "threat."

When we were all smelling a rat with the Zionists' lies, half-truths and war propaganda, Mr. Aaronovitch was out there in media land banging the drum for Bush and Blair.

Many journalists, talking heads and "experts" (all of which labels could have been applied to Aaronovitch at the time) take the shilling off the spooks (MI6, CIA or Mossad) and are used in that respect. They are put about the TV studios to give the spin their paymasters want on any given situation.

if you have ever read any serious book on the spooks you will know journalists, professors and similar are often kept on the payroll for such situations.

After all - why risk any free-thinker or someone hostile to their agenda getting the limelight (though this happens of course) when you can at least try and balance up the odds more than a little by employing X number of "experts?"

Now I do not know Mr. Aaronovitch (I'll take that as a badge of honour!) but his gung-ho approach to the "War on Terror" and his backing of a seemingly "right-wing" Neo-Con series of adventures had all the hallmarks of being a service to his paymasters.

After all, he can't have won many fans in the left-wing, Independent-reading luvvie circles he would normally associate with.

As an aside we should always remember that it was to Mr. Aaronovitch that Mr. Griffin announced that his mission to "turn around" the BNP was going to be a stage-by-stage affair (he likened it to turning around a sea-going super-tanker, i.e. it would need a very wide arc and be a slow process).

Why would a left-wing ultra-Zionist give such an open forum to one of the supposed "fascist" opposition, with all its cosy talk of waiting at stations, popping in the butchers, genteel car rides et al? After all, there is no such thing as a free lunch (also enjoyed if I recall correctly).

But back to business.

Does the warmongering Zionist apologist for Cheney, Rummy and Bush really think we have such short-term memories? I may forget where I put my keys on an almost daily basis... but I tend to remember the low-lives who made all the excuses for a needless Zionist war in the UK media: and it would be hard to forget the central role undertaken by Mr. Aaronovitch.

There is bare-faced cheek and then there is chutzpah.

Mr. Aaronovitch knows what chutzpah is, and not just because he is a well-educated (I don't know where he went to school, but I'll bet it wasn't a local run-of-the-mill affair!) astute journalist.

I also do not know if Mr. Aaronovitch has ever lived in the illegal bandit-state that is the cause of so much of the Neo Con's (oxy-)moronic philosophy and warmongering, though the truth of the matter is of course that he has the "right" to "return" there (unlike all the Palestinians forced out via ethnic cleansing, state-sponsored terrorism and all the rest of it).

In stating that we may not want to be in Afghanistan, but must now get on with the job Mr. Aaronovitch is rubbing our nose in the Neo-Con fecal aftermath.

He did want us out there. He did make excuses for the warmongers. He did want our troops used as canon-fodder for a Zionist policy that would result in yet more terror (CIA-inspired or copycat).

If and when war crimes trials are held for Afghanistan and Iraq -- as they surely must if we live in a free and fair world (I know, stop laughing) -- just as they were for the Germans and Serbians amongst others, then I hope the role of bought-and-paid-for politicians and journalists will be at centre stage.

After all if the "I was only following orders" defence was of no use in the quasi-Soviet show trials of 1946, then they cannot be used to dodge the death penalty (aw... go on!) when Blair, Bush, Rummy, Aaronovitch and their ilk are in the dock.

Now... where did I put my keys.

Ex-Communist Aaronovitch Attacked AntiWar.Com

Aaronovitch Supported Iraq War and Israel's Gaza War Crimes


Anonymous said...

That corroborates my argument that most 'conspiracy' theories stem from and are propogated by the conspirators themselves!

Anonymous said...

Aaronovitch is a sleaze bag.

How apt Griffin chose him to push his agenda.

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