Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Uri Geller, Michael Jackson and the ADL

So let's understand this. Jackson had two Jewish children and a close Jewish friend.

And yet the Masonic-Zionist Jewish-racist Mossad-front, the ADL, still labelled him an "anti-Semite."

Is there no depths to which they won't plummet to garner donations?


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'I rowed with Jacko over anti-Semitism'

As he tried to come to terms with the death of Michael Jackson, a distraught Uri Geller spoke to TJ today about the allegations of anti-Semitism that dogged his late friend.

The 50-year-old singer, who had two Jewish children - Paris and Prince with his ex-wife Debbie Rowe - fell foul of the community twice in his career, firstly in 1995 with the release of They Don't Care About Us, which included the line 'Jew me, sue me, everybody do me'.

The second occasion came in 2005 during a court case. An answerphone message Jackson had allegedly left in 2003 was played during proceedings in which the singer, referring to Jews, said: "They suck... they're like leeches... It's a conspiracy. The Jews do it on purpose."

Describing the comments as "hateful", Abraham H Foxman of the Anti-Defamation League said: "It seems every time he has a problem in his life he blames it on Jews. It is sad that Jackson is infected with classically stereotypical ideas of Jews as all-powerful, money-grubbing and manipulative."

He also claimed Jackson had an "anti-Semitic streak".

However, Geller, said Michael regretted those words, noting that the singer even acted as best man, wearing a kippah, when the celebrity psycic renewed his wedding vows.

Recalling the allegations of anti-Semitism, Geller said: "I had rows with Michael Jackson about that, when I heard that, I tried to wash Michael Jackson out of my mind and I said it a few times to the press that I don't want anything to do with Michael Jackson when I heard that.

"Michael called me many times to make me believe that that was not what he meant, I believed him. I don't want to even go there now because he is no longer around and I have to respect the Michael Jackson that I knew."

He added: "I can tell you is that I am still in a state of shock, I'm saddened, I can't believe that Michael Jackson is gone. He was my best man when I renewed my wedding vows with Hannah. Rabbi Shmuley Boteach was there. I remember Michael wearing a kippah.

"It is just devastating to face the reality that he is dead. I hope that Michael Jacksonwill be remembered with dancing, for his lyrics, songs and his music.

"He will be remembered as the idol, the icon, the legend and the phenomenon that made Michael Jackson who he was".


Anonymous said...

as sure as night follows day a whole industry will rich on conjecture as they write about the bizarre life and death of jackson. just as they did, and still do over marilyn monroe and elvis, these parasites will grow fat by book sales and trashy newspaper articles. the media are disgusting, just like maggots in a rotting corpse, they feed and gorge themselves. study the names of those that write, geller is but one of many who will cream a dishonest living out of jackson.

Anonymous said...

Uri Geller, is he the 'infamous' mind-over-matter practicioner? Yeah right, this is the muppet who suffered from anorexia, so much for mind-over-matter bloody jew charlatan, what happened did the spoon keep bending every time he went to shove his kosher food into his mouth? Ha ha and they reckon Mel Brookes is a funny jew (according to the jew media of course!)

Horatio said...

Uri Geller must be a terrible psychic if he says he was shocked to learn of MJ's death....especially when he had MJ infuse his energy in his wife's wedding ring....on TV Geller says he confronted MJ about past drug use saying "Michael! What did you take?" again...not very psychic....and finally geller says "Only God knows why he did this." Strike three for Geller....a man seeking to profit his own career as a prophet at the expense of others...just like the rabbi seen in Gellers association who tells tabloid details of an alleged counciling session with MJ and now promises a tell all book....(why would anyone EVER expose details of any sort of private counseling? Even if it were true, it is wrong to do so...and to expose something told in confidence is classified as a form of bearing false witness under judaic law).

No wonder these guys were not even at attendance at the funeral....

Horatio said...

Just because Rabbi Schmuly and his associate are shucksters, and in terrible breach of Judaic Law and have had a history of abusing Michael Jackson for their own profits and to advance their own careers does not mean Jackson was anti-semetic...The ADL...only that he needed to protect himself from two (and only two) very unscrupulous people. Schmuley and Geller are defamatory characters.

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