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Michael Jackson - the Canonised Saint of the New World Order



by Michael Hoffman | June 26, 2009

We pause in our round-the-clock defamation of Iran to bring you,

Michael Jackson.

Our Zionist-controlled media have temporarily shifted from hysterical
denunciation of Iran to pious genuflection before the altar of an androgyne.

To the extent that Iran has been demonized, Mr. Jackson is being
canonized -- as "the" iconic American entertainer. How strange and at
the same time, revelatory.

No white actor may wear blackface today, but Mr. Jackson--who

reputedly was once a Black man--wore permanent whiteface thanks

to modern surgery and chemicals. His visage was reportedly collapsing

faster than his finances. Where are the photos? Why the cover-up?

I don't lament the demise of blackface "entertainment" by white per-

formers, for, as William N. Grimstad documents in his classic work,
"Talk About Hate," the lowbrow shtick of vaudeville and movie "coon
song" blackface was a Judaic art-form perfected by Sophie Kalish
("Sophie Tucker" the "World-renowned coon-shouter"), Asa Yoelson

("Al Jolson"), Edward Israel Iskowitz ("Eddie Cantor") and Joe Yule

("Mickey Rooney"), promoted by moguls like Louis Lazar ("Louis B.

Mayer") and Max Aronson ("Bronco Billy Anderson"), and such early

Zionist movie studios as Selig Polyscope.

Jackson was a mirror image of this degraded process, only instead of
white greasepaint he resorted to permanent bleach. Was he a Black
impersonation of a White transvestite? Or was his alchemy an elaborate
fantasy-in-life--a desire to deceive himself into thinking he had actually

become a kind of public White aristocrat? In the midst of the idolatry

that has followed his death, no one seems to be asking these questions,

even as Jackson is portrayed as the focus of the adulation of Blacks the

world over. If that's the case, one can only conclude that most Blacks

wish they were White. Yet that conclusion seems dubious, to say the


Jackson was the first race-change personality on the world stage.

Sad to say, he was sick physically, mentally and spiritually. From his
dalliances with young boys to his occult persona as "Captain Eo,"

he was the exoteric manifestation of the esoteric putrefaction exuded

by a rootless, soulless, deracinated and boastful capitalist System,

which demands that conservative nations like Iran follow its degenerate
example or face media-generated hate and if all else fails, Israeli bombs.

The same talking head moralists who saw little but wretched evil in the
Muslim Iranian government, adore Jackson as if he were the Second
Coming. It is even said that Mr. Jackson was "The voice of America."
Jackson as ambassador and voice of the USA? Perhaps in this 21st

century, but not in the preceding one; that distinction is still held by the
classically educated Harry Lillis "Bing" Crosby, who sold more records
than Elvis and the Beatles combined, was a star of radio and movies,
winner of the Academy Award, and a culture-bearer, not a culture-


Jackson is not fit to shine Crosby's golf clubs and I say that not because

Jackson was a once and future African-American hermaphrodite and
pederast in whiteface. Crosby promoted talented Black singers and
entertainers throughout his career, and rightly so. Satchmo and Nat
would have rushed Jackson to the nearest priest or shrink and pitied and
prayed for him along the way.

Today Jackson is the god of the Chamber-of-Commerce-dump-for-

cheap-labor-Chinese-junk, otherwise known as the USA. Jackson

symbolizes the "joys" of our "capitalist way of life:" the freedom to

scarf hormonally-enhanced chicken at KFC while watching your ten-

year-old daughter have her childhood stolen by Hannah Montana and


Way out here in the boonies of north Idaho, where this writer makes

his home, it's not exactly Norman Rockwell country anymore. As Brer

Rabbitt said when asked if he knew of a place so far away there was

no trouble, "There ain't no place that far away." Idaho certainly has its

share of modern troubles. But many of the people of Idaho are com-

mitted nonetheless to reviving the America of old that God once shed

His grace upon, and the sudden reanimation of the Michael Jackson

circus strikes us as perverted and delusional.

If Jackson is the face of America, then America no longer exists, except
in places like Idaho and Montana--while New York and Hollywood

bear the same relation to America that Michael Jackson's collapsing nose

and bleached skin do to the proud Black men and women he insulted

with his mission of becoming the leopard that can change his spots and the
Ethiopian who can change his skin.

But let us not feel smug or superior. We live in a scientific era where
cloned meat and genetically-altered corn are fed to our children; where
"pro-life" Republicans massacre Muslim and Arab civilians; where the
worst ideas are touted as the best ideas; where heads is tails. In such
a Mixmaster milieu, why wouldn't Black be White, and male be a simulacra
of female, and Michael Jackson the king of American culture and the star
of the alchemical minstrel show that has become a religion for the masses?


Hoffman is a former reporter for the Associated Press and the author of
"Judaism Discovered," a book banned by


Hakenkraze said...

The beast system has no other choice but to gush with pride over one of it`s sickening manufactured idols,making itself a laughing stock even amongst the sheeple.

Anonymous said...

anyone who wants to study race should study the faces of children. i dont mean that as an anti-jackson pun, but it is in children that race can be best seen. in the uk for example the nordic/saxon look is very dominant in the young but is less clear in adulthood as people dye their hair or go balder. jackson, like the media, failed to understand that race cannot be aquired, it is the result of heredity. jackson wanted to be white, but his roots were always in central africa.

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