Sunday, 1 January 2012

Ex-NF Activist Who Says He Worked for SB and Mossad

Druggie, traitor and weirdo
Ex "hardman" Carl Clark, of unnamed "Irish terrorist loyalist groups" (?) and the National Front, worked for the Special Branch and Mossad according to this happy clappy site: Network Norwich and Norfolk

The media has us think that the secret state and Israeli spies are not interested in "fringe" groups on the "right wing" in the UK.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

If anyone out there knows the story of this charming gent or his trail of connections please let us know.

What's particularly interesting is that he was involved in drug-running. He doesn't mention for whom. The syntax, grammar and names in the article are especially bad and in a few places make little sense.

As we have said time and time again, drugs have no place in nationalism and if you see "nationalists" involved in drugs, we advise you very strongly to steer well clear.

It is more than likely this Walter Mitty character was feeding info to the enemies of nationalism for his drugs money, or to escape a sentence for drug pushing. Who knows...


Anonymous said...

Never mind druggies (which goes without saying) Nationalists need to steer well clear of the drunks and those who imbibe to excess!

Anonymous said...

So what firm did he supposedly run with?

This is just some backwater bumpkin paper trying to shift a few more copies of their rag.

Love the paragraph " was shattered as a little boy when his father left home..." Oh diddums! Classic 'social worker' prose.

Worked for Mossad? Ha Ha, what is he? Sayanim?

Utter, utter nonsense. No doubt he passed info to his local police in return for his not being given a stiffer sentence for his druggie activity and wants to somehow justify being a lowlife grass because the 'jesus freaks' he is involved with now have rumbled his history and don't trust the scumbag.

The only part of the Bible which is relevant to him is the story of Judas.

Anonymous said...

anonymous 1, good point. Thats what Harold Covington says in March up Country, we should avoid them like the plague. For some reason, British Nationalists seem to ignore this sound advice.

Anonymous said...

The State are not stupid when it comes to stereotyping nationalists, that is why the majority have a preconceived idea that we are all 'raving nutzies', social degenerates, violent-ignoranuses. A preconception which was strengthened and further confirmed in the mind of those who witnessed the performance of that bellend Griffin on QT!

People need to get away from the idea of joining/building political organisations using such gatherings as a drinking club, racial kinship lives within and is as natural as the air we breathe and we are an unstoppable force. They can keep their cities (capitalist constructs as they are) the country is OURS!

Carl Clark said...

Interesting piece, I did not disappear my marriage broke up after 26 yrs,I still go to Norwich I am not in hiding? while working for the Israeli's or SB at no time did I set anyone up, if the truth was told I stopped many people in racist groups and at football from getting arrested by preventative measures i.e giving locations of planned violence so police were there to prevent it, I never worked for any anti facist groups many of them are worse than the nationalist groups, I did not exchange any sentences for working within, I volunteered my services after seeing hypocrites within the BNP and NF operating, on the one hand they were against all immigrants on the other they were working alongside them, I was involved in my early years with Nationalist groups as I was angry as a lot of youngsters are now who are out of work, blaming it on migrants, I am standing as a candidate in county elections with a referendum on europe as one of my priorities, because our infrustructure cannot cope with one way traffic from the EU. I am a public figure easily contactable, as for accusing me of getting Richard heatons flat broke into giving info to opposition groups, or having gave information about John Brunton I did not, Richard was a great guy who had been wounded fighting in Northern Ireland who ended up with a Russian girl who I told I had started working with the Israeli's early on, he said I was very naive in what I was doing, I had respect for John Brunton and Bill Fitt and Tom Holmes who were old school, I learned more from them than anyone else, when you are infiltrating these groups you eventually get to like many of the people, by 2003 I was no longer objective to what I was supposed to be doing, that is when I got out, and that is when three years of trouble with my previous aquaintances from intelligence started as I had too much information and was a loose cannon, so they tried to shut me up, I do not blame them as I could have damaged and probably did major drug operations in the U.K, I can see that now, I can also see your side of things with immigration but there are laws and there are ways to get things done, get into power then change from within, within any organisation there are intelligent people, including yours. I changed when I became a Christian, no longer thinking about myself but what I could do for others, its changed my life for the better I chose to tell people about my past not because they found out, hatred is not in me anymore which I am glad of, as it eats you away just compassion for others and for you.

Carl Clark.

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