Friday, 18 April 2008

BNP Lies About ex-Councillor

A BNP Councillor who quit the party in disgust is now the victim of the Stalinist airbrushing of history to be expected by any who cross swords with "the dear leader."

Right: What an opportunity to present a new era for politics! Have we been sold short before the race is begun?

What's amusing here is that - as we've seen before - in its rush to be a Neo Con pressure valve on a purely anti-Muslim ticket, the BNP is saying that the councillor was "sacked" for a speech "about 911."

Martin Wingfield, the BNP newspaper editor - for 'twas he who made the comments, see below - has admitted to being a paedophile.

Left: Martin Wingfield was the election agent of Charlie Bickerstaffe, and the editor of the newspaper that ran this glowing tribute!

Seems anyone who questions 911 is more acceptable than a self-confessed paedophile.

How wonderful that we are being offered such a new broom to sweep out the Aegean Stables that is UK politics.

Wingfield's Website Lie


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