Wednesday, 23 April 2008


Ladies and gentlemen, we have some bad news.

For specific technical reasons, we have had to revert to the Blogger commenting system, and as a result, we are sorry to say, any old comments which have been made on this blog since its inception are now kaputt.

The reasons for this were pretty straightforward.

When we started off, I (yes, me, creagh1904, the imperfect web designer extraordinaire) felt that the existing Blogger comments system was not up to scratch. We opted for a nice, tidy Haloscan pop-up comments system instead, and had no problems for a while.

But since then, there have been negative developments. We looked on in disgust as Haloscan began to manifest tacky, Adware-laden advertising. What's more, they also began to charge for their service, rendering us unable to moderate comments (thus preventing spam and abuse) without shelling out shekels for the privilege.

Knowing the possible implications for debate on the site, and with respect to Blogger's new and improved comments system, we decided to pull the Haloscan system in its entirety, including all comments made over the past 18 months.

It's a regrettable decision, but please bear in mind that our resident scribbler FC has lost a considerable amount of his own jottings in response to the blog's loyal readers.

So, feel free to have your say on the new system - politely and intelligently - and once again we extend our sincere apologies for what can only be described as Kommentator-dämmerung.

Somewhere outside Ramadi, Iraq

P.S. See the envelope icon at the bottom of each post? That means you can now e-mail posts from FC directly to your friends (yes, we realise this is not a new thing, and no, this is not some wicked ploy to distract you all from the comments problem - Ed. :D)


Final Conflict said...

God Bless you Creagh. We can all forgive you, after all you've been going since 1904!!!

And not a day over 40!

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