Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Families Disintegrate: Nations Fall Apart

I will start this post with a disclaimer.

Not because I want to disassociate myself from my own comments (zoiks!), but because there are plenty of people out there who get confused over arguments and discourses that are anything more than monosyllabic.

I remember one post wherein I defended the rights of Christian communities in Palestine, only for one individual to attack FC in a forum along the lines that we were "on the side of the Muslims." Incredible, but true.

But worse than that are those who do see past the Sun editorial-level politics, yet choose to twist and misquote postings just to further their own half-baked ideals. Call it Machiavellian opportunism, call it abject dishonesty, call it downright shysterism - however it's labeled it is an attempt to justify their own vivid shortcomings and policy betrayals by creating a "monster" and argument that didn't even exist in the first place.

We've all seen it dozens of times, and the sad thing is some people are bamboozled by the weasel words and the lawyer-style twisting of facts.

Anyway, that's my initial preamble out of the way, my undercoat if you like. Now prepare for my high sheen glossy finish! ;-)

Earlier today in between business appointments I found myself in a delightful little cafe, tucked out of the way in a backstreet. To buck the seasonal trend I ordered a turkey and stuffing baguette with chips (these kind of details are all the rage in blogs dontchaknow!) as did the person accompanying me.

Regardless of the abattoir fodder due to be served up to us, we sat and chatted, discussing business, the news, politics etc. Then we became aware of a family at the next table who we'd already exchanged pleasantries with. They had some relatives walk in and stand around their table to talk to them.

To paint the picture, they were very middle class with two well polished children and it soon became clear (via highly audible conversation with the newly arrived relatives) that they were over from America.

OK, so nothing untoward or controversial so far.

Then their conversation - which was very audible - turned to the family's grandmother and it became clear that had just put this woman in a home.

Here was a family with money, well to do, clearly pan-continental and with not a few members scattered hither and thither.

It brought home to me how, as a society, we are so keen to palm off our parents and grandparents into soulless retirement homes which tend to speed up the processes of senility and decrepitude faster than a newly elected MP fills out his expenses form for John Lewis curtains and sofas.

I always thought it was the sign of a civilised society to treat the elderly with respect (and I don't mean the black gangsta gun-totting BS).

For centuries our people - Saxons, Celts, Picts etc. - treated the elders with great civility. Even in fairly recent history they were repaid for the sacrifice and love they showed in bringing up their children and the daily fight to keep food on the table and a roof over the family's head with equal sacrifice and love by their offspring, in looking after them.

How many of the elderly are out there, thrown into these homes for the decrepit with no hope, no escape whilst their family forget them as they go to shopping "malls" or sit in front of the TV or Playstation of an evening?

We, as a people, as a country, as a civilisation, have lost our way.

I do not have a false image of the old. I think some are as pathetic as the young. Many are as shallow, as consumerist and as rude in their mannerisms as the young. Some of yesterday's parents are responsible for the underclass of dole bums, ne'erdowells and drug-users today.

There are as many amongst the old who buried their heads in the sand about the evils we face, as there are blinkered in today's generation of twenty-somethings.

However, I do think that - as a whole - it reflects badly on us that we are so quick to farm off those who brought us up into a growing form of profitable business where we do not know who is caring for them, we do not know if they are being abused, ignored or slowly left to waste away.

Now comes the part which will get the Neo Cons and others screeching.

Those who point the finger at immigrants should take a closer look at their own "community."

Of course we can discount a large section of the Afro-Caribbean community which suffers disproportionately from family break-up and specifically from absentee fathers with all the ramifications that has for urban crime, drugs gangs, mugging etc.

I'm thinking here rather of the Asians - that is what Neo Cons like to break down to Hindus and Muslims.

How do these communities act towards their elders?

Do they palm them off? Do they stick them in out-off-the-way care homes - out of sight, out of mind?


They respect them. They learn from them. They make use of years of accumulated wisdom.

It seems to me that we could all learn a helluva lot from the Asians (Americans note, this means Pakistanis, Indians etc. - not Chinese etc. whom we call Orientals).

Who look after their elderly?

Who raise large families?

Who look out for each other?

Who shop amongst their own?

Who push their kids to marry their own kind?

Whilst all too many of our own people kick out their parents and grandparents at the first chance; have childless marriages or one or two kids to have their "careers" or holidays; kick their own people in the face for the chance to make some money; shop in Asian corner shops or Jewish supermarkets; stifle any concerns as their offspring shack up with coloureds.

Now don't get me wrong, my entire loyalty lies with the White, European and Christian, peoples, cultures and nations of these isles and this continent.

My point is this, whilst too many Sun readers point the finger at large Asian families with grandparent(s) living with them and five, six or more children, they can't see their own dysfunctional families are dragging us down!

Who are the more backwards? The people who promote family unity, defend their religion, promote their culture, keep their children amongst their own kind, raise large families, start their own community businesses and stand together in good times and bad; or the shallow, consumerist, race-mixing, degenerate, careerist post-nuclear "families" who dump the elderly at the first opportunity?

Perhaps if we took a few leaves out of the book of the Asians we wouldn't have give in to having our lands invaded so readily.

They managed to kick the colonial powers out of the Indian subcontinent in the late 1940s and took back Asia for the Asians...

Do we hope to do the same and take back Europe for the Europeans? At the moment I fear we are too self-centred, too soft, too willing to accept our own mixing it, taking drugs, turning poof etc.

Maybe it will take an economic downturn that so many are predicting? Maybe it will take the indigenous people to become a minority in ever more towns and cities?

An old friend now passed away (RIP) once told me how his Blackshirt elder brother flung his dad's Great War medals on the floor shouting "you can't buy jam with these."

Maybe it will take our soldiers, policemen and officials to have jam-less larders before they realise things are a mess and Capitalism has failed us, destroying our people and ripping apart our families?

GK Chesterton warned the powers-that-be that the people of England were slow to anger, but that once loosed they would be a force to reckon with.

In this instance I hope he will be proved right.


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