Sunday, 13 April 2008

Real Terror and Real Zionists

Today we saw the Tweedledum of government Neo Con policy to the Tweedledummer of the Zionist opinion-moulders of the Mad Mel Phillips and Nick Griffins sort.

Why do we need new police state laws with those deemed to oppose the state locked up without charge for 45, er 92, er 180 (it's like lucky dip numbers or local pub darts scores - not serious political debate) days?

Because our latest Home Secretary (Jacqui Smith) says we face 30 current terrorist plots. Oh how the black-ops and psy-ops teams must be doing overtime!

Remember this is the very same Jaqcui Smith who needs an armed police guard to go buy a kebab in London, who wears a police stab vest when visiting London council estates, and who fluctuates from stating our streets are unsafe at night to telling us how wonderfully safe they really are! Really!

As I've said many times before, the real terrorists are the muggers, burglars, druggies and deadbeats who keep us terrorised on the streets, in the town centres, in our homes etc.

We have a police force that increasingly ignores violent crimes - against person and/or property, whilst demanding ever more police powers against "terrorists."

Perhaps if they were to use the powers they have to clear London's streets of gun gangs, muggers etc. London's populace wouldn't feel the need to place bars on their windows and doors?

I am convinced that the BNP has become the sharp end of an establishment policy to frighten us rigid about "terror" in order to further the Neo Con's next objective, i.e. more powers to the police state, and the softening up of the populace for another unpopular war (whether our troops are directly involved or not) against Iran.

We all know the Neo Cons are capable of pulling off another big "terror attack" in which the hand of the Iranians will be "proved" and who then will have the cajones to stand up against the fecal tidal wave of "anti-Islamification" and "anti-jihadi" kosher spin that has been built up by those who either dance to Israel's tune or who want tiny crumbs from Westminster and Fleet Street's table.

With the BNP's number two (how apt a label!) Simon Darby dismissing those who question "911" as being apologists for Islam, we can all see which way the wind is blowing. This is the same man - according to the Nationalist Truth blog (see link on this blog) - who has set up a business front with links to liberal democrat candidates and has been involved in persuading young nationalists to handle (possibly illegal) firearms. The previous BNP No 2 (Tony Lecomber) was involved in asking other nationalists to take part in terrorist assassinations of government ministers!

Oh discerning reader and fellow patriot: join the dots and see the image. It is a fluttering flag with a big star in the middle.

Just a few years ago the BNP leadership moaned to some mutual contacts about the "attacks from FC" in an attempt to silence our criticisms. This was the same time as other nationalists - notably from the Freedom Party and Third Way - were being courted to join the BNP or set-up lucrative front groups and so become BNP allies.

In hindsight all the small betrayals and subtle double-plays which were done with a nudge and a wink and a "we're all still on the same side" e-mails, messages and whispers have been playing towards this moment.

So we can be confident that the BNP is working towards defending our "Jewish and secular traditions" (aka Kosher and Humanist betrayals) and if we're in any doubt the No. 2 on the BNP's London list is yet another Tory convert publicly exposed for stating - in his blog - that rape isn't a serious crime and that women ' deserve a slap.' The man in question is believed to be a Stormfront poster who constantly defends the worst Zionist excesses of the party whose material is now described as the most Zionist of all the political parties!

And who came to this Tory rapist-apologist's defence? Simon Darby!

It's enough to make you convert to bagels!


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