Friday, 11 April 2008

Which is the Most Zionist Political Party?

First of all I should apologise for the dearth of blog entries here over the last week and a half.

Sad to say the monotonous daily slog of working life and a few extra jobs, long promised which finally caught up with me, took their toll.

So much has happened over the last week or so, it's hard to know where to start.

In my car the other day I heard some "expert on terrorism" (usually a by-word for MI5 muppet, on the payroll) wail that there were 2000 known "jihadists" in England with a further 2000 "unknown."

That's as maybe, but it proffers some interesting questions for the astute nationalist.

1. Are our "feds" to be believed or are the cooking the figures?
2. How do they know there are 2000 "unknown" 'terrorists' - seems a nice round figure.
3. So are these like Rumsfeld's "known unknowns" or his "unknown unknowns?"
4. As ex-Mossad man Viktor Ostrovsky (I hope I got that name right from memory) admitted there were 2000 Mossad agents in London alone (that's right - just in London, not including other Zionist hot spots like Manchester, Gateshead etc.) why doesn't this get mentioned?
5. If the Mossad have their people on the payroll of media, government, banking, big business etc. - as can be safely assumed - are these more dangerous to our national security than a few nutters who get on TV because they go paint balling???

meanwhile, all this got the attention of one Melanie "Mad Mel" Phillips, the carpet chewing poster girl (OK, sorry, that's a step too far!) for the Zionists and their mouthpiece in the media who bewailed all these Muslims running riot and that London was now a magnet for Jihadis.

As we can assume Mad Mel is on the Mossad payroll one can't see her bewailing Zionist manipulation of our government, media et al.

meanwhile a Zionist went to the media moaning about a group who are pumping out material that is far more Zionist than any of the main political parties. Weird you might think: why on earth should he moan about a way-out Zionist outfit, more craven in its support for the Bandit State than even Cameron, Brown and Whohe of the LibLabCon?

Because, our long suffering reader, that group is the BNP!

Aside from leaflets defending our "Jewish, Christian and secular" values - erm - the BNP has been openly courting the Jewish vote and pumping out material which confirms what most of us knew years ago: the BNP has become a multi-racist, Zionist, queer-tolerant anti-Muslim pressure group.

But there you go. Those of us who warned about all this were called trouble-makers and s###-stirrers at the beginning. Now it's too late and we may bemoan the Star-of-David branding on the gelding's hide, but that particular horse has long since left the stable and now amount of locking the doors will achieve anything.

Click on the link below and you'll see the relevant piece with the most interesting quotes and parts highlighted by our chums at NW Nationalists.

As for the rather pathetic legalese of the BNP leader that they would bash Muslims rather than support Iran, as usual this is clever Zionoid language designed to sweeten the pill.

1. He doesn't mention supporting Israel rather than Iran.
2. he doesn't offer any - ahem - third position, such as armed neutrality (remember the 80s Nick?): perhaps neither Islam nor Israel as a slogan?
3. If one is to question Islam and the hatred against us it promotes, then one is duty bound to do the same to Judaism.
4. Whilst no-one expects the BNP to take a "pro-Iranian" line, is it really too much to ask the BNP to state 'no more Zionist wars.' Such would be a truthful position.

More and more nationalists - including people who were, until recently, inside the BNP - now think the BNP is nothing more than a pressure valve, a cash cow, and has switched to become acceptable by parts of the system.

It's a moot point.

What cannot be denied is that the BNP's line is particularly close to the line of extreme Zionists like Melanie Phillips, Richard Littlejohn and David Aaronovitch - the latter (an obscene Neo Con "liberal" who switched sides to support the invasion of Iraq) is especially relevant because it was during a cosy chat in Wales that the BNP leader spelled out his plans to change the BNP. Was Aaronovitch the open door through which the BNP became increasingly Zionist?

What interesting times we live in!

A friend tells me the BNP are selling "Griffin was Right" at their meetings. Such humility! I noticed the past tense though... Maybe he was right, armed neutrality and all. After all surely it would have been more "popular" and garnered more votes to be just anti-Soviet and more pro-American, pro-Cruise and more 'Cold Warriors' when the Iron Curtain was still up?

There were groups around back then who did that. Most were in the pay of 'the Feds' and some were known Masonic front-groups.

Whoever said the more things change, the more they stay the same?

Keep on having fun and reading between the lines fellow patriots!

The BNP is the Most Zionist Party - Says Jew


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