Sunday, 13 April 2008

FC Poll Result on Animal-Human Hybrid Chimeras

In our last poll of readers we asked:

Do You Trust the Government in Creating Animal-Human Hybrid Embryos (Chimeras)?

0 (0%)
27 (96%)
Don't Know
1 (3%)

What's interesting here is that most visitors are plainly wary of the government, if not overtly opposed to what's been called "Frankenstein" science. The media have tried to paint this as facing opposition primarily from a few Catholic Bishops... the truth is that a wide range of people feel uncomfortable about this.

As we've seen from the abortion "debate" (stop laughing!) the BBC et al will often paint opposition as merely 'clerical' whilst giving copious airtime to "experts" (often those, with abortion and chimeras) who look to profit from the questionable practices.

As we've seen from one of our previous weekly quotes, the BBC has acknowledged it is crammed full of homosexuals and lefties: is it any wonder it presents slanted material on these moral questions?


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