Wednesday, 23 April 2008

When Genocide Wins Votes

So Hillary "I dodged bullets in Bosnia" Clinton has said she is willing to "obliterate" Iran if it attacks Israel.

Hmmmm. And what section of voters is that little peach-of-a-speech aimed at?

Is this Hillary the Peacenik? Is this Hillary the Liberal? Or when push comes to shove, when the shekels are down, will Hillary back the Neo Cons' machinations - just as she did when Iraq was first invaded?

She tried to paint herself as an opponent of the war when this electoral train left the station, but we can now see how much pigswill that was.

The question we should all be asking now is if Hillary the Peacenik and Hillary the Liberal will agree to "obliterate Israel" if Israel attacks Iran (as it has threatened to do).

If not - why not?

Or should we believe that a certain group would not tolerate that kind of talk? Is obliterating one state "hatred" whilst obliterating another is just vote fodder?

Who mentioned a conspiracy?


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