Tuesday, 22 April 2008

FC Poll Result on the BNP's "Most Zionist" Website

Last week's FC Poll was:

Are the BNP right to promote their Jewish candidates and make their website 'the most Zionist of any party?'

Yes - if it helps get more councillors
1 (4%)
No - it betrays nationalism for no real power anyway.
19 (79%)
Who cares - the BNP are irrelevant.
4 (16%)
I don't know.
0 (0%)

It was pleasing to see so few people were taken in by the Kosher line the BNP are now taking. After a long line of U-Turns and betrayals on Zionism, Race, Homosexuality and more, one has to wonder what they would do if they were offered any real positions?

If a party becomes right-wing Capitalist, Zionist, race-mixing, etc. etc. is it "nationalist" any longer?

After all, Fini's "post fascist" Alleanza Nazionale has been in government in Italy and achieved... nothing!

Well, not true. It achieved the total alienation of its grass roots and guilt by association with a plethora of Freemasons and system-stooges.


Bol said...

The BNP's stance on this is BEYOND sell-out. The is a 180 degree turnaround from where nationalism has ALWAYS stood.

Shame on the BNP and shame on Griffin. They have turned nationalism into Israel's boot-boy.

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