Sunday, 27 April 2008

Time for a Sub-Prime/Credit-Crunch Election Leaflet?

Lat month a man slipped from this mortal coil and passed on, to his eternal reward.

He died, in America, on St Patrick's Day: long a day of celebration and the occasional (!) drink.

So many people here struggle on a relatively lower income as fuel and food prices rise well above the so-called inflation levels; many face huge mortgage rises - even as the financiers at the Bank of England (sic) cut rates to try and save other bankers - because their own banks rake in more money by hiking up mortgages in spite of these rate cuts.

As many face mortgage hikes and even repossessions they may not have noticed one soul pass on on St Patrick's Day. Perhaps they were too worried, juggling the bills, making cuts to the family food bill etc.? Or perhaps they were drowning their sorrows with a glass of Guinness or Bushmills?

Either way, chances are the death of Roland Arnall didn't even register with those struggling to make ends meet due to a crisis started by greedy bankers out to make billions by getting those on its books who couldn't really afford mortgages - yes, we're on about "subprime mortgages" and the "credit crunch."

So why should Roland Arnall's kicking of the proverbial bucket matter in the lives of these people?

Because that man is the greedy usurious bastard responsible for their current predicament.

So who and what was he?

Arnall founded a mortgage company - Ameriquest - in 1979. With its ctachphrase "proud sponsor of the American dream" Ameriquest became America's largest "subprime" lender, raking in huge profits and even sponsoring a Rolling Stones American tour in 2005.

The remnants of Ameriquest were sold to Citigroup last year and Arnall's personal fortune was reckoned at $1.5 billion. His wife donated to both political parties (!) but especially to the Neo Con George W Bush. The Arnalls raised over $12 million for Bush Jr making them - like Lord Levy here for Tony Blair - the most important fundraisers.

Ameriquest was taken to court a few times, once for adding extra fees to "older, female and minority borrowers" and another time for systematic fraud. The first case cost it $3 million, the second cost it $325 million.

Arnall became (bought?) the American ambassador to the Netherlands in 2005, but only just after even the Republican-controlled Congress vetoed his appointment several times. He was already known as a huckster and a fraudster.

So why should we make special mention of this man?

Well, as the "founder" and chief profiteer (using fraud!) of the Subprime fiasco we might say that (almost) single-handedly this man has brought so many of our people to their knees!

Arnall was the archetypal usurer.

And is if to fit in with so many stereotypes Mr. Arnall was Jewish. In the 70s he helped to found the Simon Wiesenthal Centre (a centre for extremist Zionism and the political castration of anyone critical of Israel and the Zionist Lobby).

So we have a Jewish extreme Zionist, active in the Zuionist lobby since the 70s, active in usury since the 70s, bankrolling and fundraising for the Neo-Con Bush, a convicted fraudster, and a billionaire profiteer on the backs of the very poorest in American society.

A Zionist started and profited from the whole Subprime fiasco.

yet whilst "nationalists" put out ridiculous leaflets blaming Muslims for the heroin trade (don't the Neo Cons run Afghanistan? Don't the CIA and Mossad control the heroin routes?) don't expect these people - with the most Zionist website of all the parties! - to publish the facts about Roland Arnell.

You see a Neo Con, Zionist, revisionist-buster, usurer who has brought about the whole "credit crunch" is just so "irrelevant" to all the Zionist political parties (Lib-Lab-BNP-Con) and no doubt to bring up these facts is "hate" and the ravings of a "conspiracy theorist."

Whoever said the Truth is no defence?

So the next time you see the Credit Crunch mentioned on the electronic Talmud; the next time you hear someone mention that they're struggling as mortgage rates rise; the next time Northern (c)Rock and the tax-payers bankrolling of it to the tune of billions comes up: tell everyone concerned and within earshot that the Zionist Roland Arnall is to blame.

As I said earlier, Mr. Arnall has slipped off to his eternal reward. The more I read about the uber-rich and their dodgy financial deals and shady links to war profiteers and misery in the very poorest communities the more I find myself thinking of the words of Christ, i.e. that it's easier for the camel to pass through the eye of a needle than it is for a rich man to enter heaven.

As a Talmudic profiteer in misery and Neo Con illegal war fundraiser I think Mr. Arnall will have his work cut out for him indeed!

He's no doubt found out already that St Peter can't be bribed with money, especially that imbued with peoples' misery and dripping with Arab blood... though Old Nick will love such currency!

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To answer Suzy Jaggers column: "Who caused the sub prime banking crises?". Look no further!

Will Hart, Eagan, US/ Minnesota


Splodge said...

Damn the Muslims!!! They have caused so much misery with their usury-banking, naked profiteering, sub-prime mortgages, media ownership, porn empires etc. etc.

Did I get that right??? ;-)

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