Wednesday, 20 August 2008

American Hypocrisy over Missile System in Poland.

The sight of "Condi Rice" signing the Missile Defense System agreement (note my USA spelling, I am busy trying to be 'inclusive') is enough to have me reaching for my ever-ready vomit bucket.

Right: A non-doctored photo as supplied by a Mr. Icke! ;-)

Can a state ever-willing to point the finger at others for their missile tests etc., be so cavalier in their attitude towards placing military hardware around the world?

Imagine Russia placed a "missile defence" instillation, bristling with hardware and with Russian fingers on the buttons/triggers in Mexico, or er Cuba (ring any bells?).

Would America accept platitudes that they wouldn't be pointing at anyone, or that they would only be used in defence?

Not on your nelly!

Here we see, yet again (in the shadow of Georgia's war crimes) how America and its allies seem willing and able to flaunt their military muscle however they see fit.

We all know that the UK is an unsinkable aircraft carrier for the USA. We suffer the shame of having American missiles present on our soil.

We don't want any more of this. We've had enough of American-Zionist wars, lies, subterfuge and double-dealing.

They sabre-rattle for war against Iran, when they turn a blind eye for the illegal nukes held by Israel.

They plan war crimes charges against Serb leaders when Georgian ones get support for their attacks on civilian areas.

Enough is enough.


behind blue eyes said...

FC, I too don't buy into this reptile theory. Howevr, every time I look at that Rice 'woman' there is definately something lizard like and reptilian about her.

Have eyou seen this article from HAARETZ entitled -
'Russian PM Putin to open official party branch in Israel'. It can be found at:-

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