Sunday, 3 August 2008

Every Home Needs a Hero

We are selling an ever-growing range of reproduction medals at FC.

These are great for adults and children alike who are interested in history.

Many of the medals also help raise funds for veterans associations and charity consortia.

They are certainly handy for those home-schooling who want to teach the children about history - the good and the bad - from the Napoleonic era, through the Boer War to WW2 and beyond.

But adults can collect them, children can even be given them as "rewards" -- imagine your very own medal to wear?

Clean your bedroom, hoover the downstairs, turn off the TV and read a book - and you can get a George Cross!

So pop by for a look. We hope to add more medals in the future...

Every home needs a hero!
- And check out our militaria flags, badges and posters too!

Medals from FC


behind blue eyes said...

There is a cracking way to help the British Legion Poppy Fund when shopping online.

Just go to the shopping portal:-

There are numerous shopping sites on there and when you go to a particular site via this portal and make a purchase the Poppy Fund receives commission.

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