Friday, 15 August 2008

Another BNP Organiser Lied to and Robbed of Funds

News has broken - see link below - on how Nick Griffin, the BNP leader, has shafted yet another BNP organiser by refusing to honour agreements on funds to defend a legal case.

Many of you will remember Sharon Ebanks, at one time (as I'm sure she'd admit herself) a hardline Griffin loyalist, the BNP Birmingham organiser and candidate who was promised funds to fight a case over an election decision which robbed her of a council seat.

The end of that story was that she 'wuz robbed' (to use the footballing parlance) and ended up out of pocket.

According to a new report - see link below - the same also happened to Clive Potter. This was the man who also got stitched up by the BNP leadership over the Solidarity Union.

The current batch of Griffin sycophants (including at least one C18 activist!) are already circling and spreading their muck viz this latest revelation, but in our opinion Mr. Potter has the patience of a saint to keep this a private matter for so long!

As you'll see from the comments posted with the article linked to below, the BNP is a cash cow for some, and money is raised for the specific reason of "legal defences" (albeit much of the money raised is part of the fraudulent Trafalgar Club which raises funds under the pretence it's for the BNP, when the BNP has no control over the funds).

Of course from being Griffin loyalists and BNP organisers to the hilt, Ebanks and Potter have since been smeared for all manner of "crimes" which seem mostly to be 'disloyalty' though one has to ask who has been disloyal to who?

Interestingly, things like Ms Ebanks being part non-White were not an issue for the BNP when she was an organiser and candidate!

What is fast becoming clear is that the BNP activists who get their hands dirty and have to fight for that party get left out in the cold whilst the leadership is filling its pockets as fast as it can.

With the BNP leader about to force through a vote to allow him a pension-for-life (please do vote in our poll: see right-hand side column) this news from Mr. Potter should give everyone pause for thought.

Is the BNP about fighting for White Rights and does it seek to do right by its own activists when they are at the rough end of the struggle against a system that's out to destroy our people?

Or is is it an increasingly liberal and Zionist pressure group that's all about raising as much cash at possible (the BNP leader once boasted to a FC supporter that he had £1 Million coming into party coffers in one year) to give out to the leadership and those with their snouts in the trough?

If you ask Ms Ebanks and Mr Potter they just might tell you it's the latter...

Link: Clive Potter Shafted by Nick Griffin

P.S. Here's another recent post, this time by well respected ex-BNP organiser and councillor Simon Smith. He explains how he answered BNP smears that he was a "pro-Muslim extremist" (utter nonsense of course, the increasingly Zionist BNP think you are "pro-Muslim if you question 911) only for the media to ignore him! Just why would the media cover-up for BNP smears on a sitting nationalist councillor?
It's interesting to read Mr. Smith's resignation letter, which also refers to the fraudulent Trafalgar Club. There seems a common theme here...

Link: Simon Darby's Smears Against Simon Smith and Media Collusion


NorthWestNationalists said...

Simon received the very same disdain from Herr Griffin that we should hand out to the enemies of our Country, not these honest folk that were hung out to dry.

The sooner Griffin the leech, the parasite, goes, the better for the struggle !

behind blue eyes said...

It's a pity Mr Potter wasn't named Harry and turned that slimy odious swindler Griffin into a slug and squished the putrid excuse of a Nationalist.

Is it any coincidence that Griffin has one eye and the one eye of Lucifer sits snugly on top of the 33 stepped Freemasonic pyramid.

FC &/or NWN, you know about the internal mechanics of the BNP far more than me. Is it standard practise for the BNP to openly advertise where the annual get together takes place? The reason I ask centres on the fact that this gives the Red enemy pondlife the time to mobilise their anarchic scruffy hordes to try and disrupt this event. Also, it might stop members who want to get in and vote against Griffin and his cabal from entering.

The BNP stands for the BIG NOSE PARTY for two reasons. Firstly, it has been hijacked by an obvious state asset fraud who is undoubtedly lining his grubby pockets with the hard earned cash of ordinary working class folk. Secondly, Griffin has aligned himself with the Zionist World Order.

Griffin has undoubtedly utilised the left-wing ploy of Diversity to the party. As we know:-
Uniformity to Griffin means that if you have the nerve and temerity to question anything then wo betide. Just look at what Jack Bernstein says about what tactics the Jews who are being criticised by fellow Jews use and tell me this isn't what Griffin does:-

'First, they ignore the charges, hoping the information will not be given widespread distribution.

If the information starts reaching too many people, they ridicule the information and the persons giving the information.

If that doesn't work, their next step is character assassination. If the author or speaker hasn't been involved in sufficient scandal they are adept at fabricating scandal against the person or persons.

If none of these are effective, they are known to resort to physical attacks.

But, NEVER do they try to prove the information wrong.'

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