Monday, 11 August 2008

Russia and Georgia: the roots of conflict

Saakashvili and the lesser of his masters...Today, one of the most grandiose criminal enterprises since the Iraq war unravelled like a half-price Marks and Spencer's jumper - a bid by the Georgian political élite and their esteemed allies to set the Caucasus alight with war, at Russia's expense.

What's clear is that the Georgians got a severe kicking, thanks to the chessmasters Putin, Lavrov and co.; what's not clear (if you swallow what the Western media has to offer you) is who started the whole affair.

Ignoring the usual he said/she said babble associated with war, to find out who's really behind a particular news story, you have to dig deep, and go back several months. As it turns out, our old friends in Tel Aviv have been up to their old tricks again. Here's the low-down:

1. According to the Israeli intelligence website, Debkafiles, last year the Zionist régime supplied Georgia with over a thousand military advisors and contractors, followed by a steady stream of weapons which, undoubtedly, were sourced from the United States. The U.S., accused of encouraging Georgia's actions in South Ossetia, are in fact only partly responsible this time around - and if you look at the links below, you'll find that Tbilisi and Tel Aviv are spiritually closer than you think.

It's plausible that the Israelis could have advised Georgia to go on their little killing spree in the belief that the Russians would invade and get bogged down in the Kodori Gorge, thus putting the kibosh on them coming to Iran's aid should the Israelis press ahead with their not-so-secret war plans. However, this plot seems to have failed miserably, and there is nothing the Americans, the Zionists or the Georgians can do about it.

2. The cabinet of Georgian President Mikhail Saakashvili is teeming with neocons and Jews. Educated in the U.S. himself, Saakashvili's prime minister, Lado Gurgenidze, is a UK national; the defence minister, Davit Kezerashvili (or should that be Khazar-ashvili?) is an Israeli national and "fluent Hebrew speaker"; while the "Reintegration Minister", Temur Yakobashvili, is a paid-up member of the tribe. This is the true colour of "the Rose Revolution", and it's only the tip of the iceberg.

3. This "revolution" is the latest of the CIA/Mossad-backed "colour" rebellions to hit the floor. The intervention in Ukraine has only partly succeeded, and may eventually split the country. With Serbia seething over Kosovo, plans for neocon normalisation there have gone belly-up, and now in Georgia, the "Rose Revolution" might just have been grayscaled. Plans to hem Russia in and destroy her influence in the world have been undermined by a brand of tactically and morally superior politician in Moscow.

4. Once again, the Western media - led enthusiastically by Murdoch, the Times and co. - has marched in step with the neoconservative agenda, depicting Russia as the schoolyard bully beating up the scrawny kid with the glasses. The reality is more a question of a schoolyard bully lashing out at one of his teachers, and deservedly suffering the consequences. The reality tells us that Georgia laid siege to a city of ethnic Russians, killed hundreds of them and a number of Russian peacekeepers, and believed George W. Bush and Rupert Murdoch would sweep them off their feet and lead them on a victory dance. The reality is that Saakashvili and the Western media began to believe their own deceptions, and have now created a geopolitically stronger Russia as a result.

For those who are still inclined to believe what they read in the Times, the starkest reality is that these are the same cretins and duplicitous hacks who told us that there were weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, and lied at the cost of an estimated one million dead Iraqis. They must answer for this and other deceptions.

Oh, and if they want to do some professional, objective reporting, they might leave Tbilisi for a while...

5. The Georgia fiasco is yet another silly featurette in the drama of a declining empire, and the ebb and flow of history eating away at the entity we know as ZOG. Putin's "multi-polar world" is now becoming a reality as Russia asserts herself as a beacon of decisiveness and patriotism. Happily for us, that Russia is slowly turning its back on abortion, overwhelmingly rejecting the immigration industry, and breaking itself from the jaws of International Usury.

And how fitting it is that in the week after the death of one of her greatest intellectuals and patriots, Alexander Solzhenitsyn, Mother Russia has demonstrated that there's more to her soul than just vodka, Ladas and the politics of oil.

Links: Israel 'has a hand in S. Ossetia war'
Georgian Jews flee for capital (Russians = Nazis... zzz....)
Two Israeli firms said they left Georgia before fighting (Hah! Just like 9/11!)
Georgian minister tells Israel Radio: Thanks to Israeli training, we're fending off Russian military
Foreign Ministry seeks lower profile for Israel in Georgia-Russia conflict (Whoops, someone got caught!)
Livni: Israel recognises Georgia's territorial integrity (A bit rich coming from the world's only "country" with no borders...)
Georgian President Meets Jewish Leaders For Georgian-Jewish Friendship Week (2004)
'This is our Tisha B'av' - Georgia's (Jewish) Ambassdor to Israel
Miliband on South Ossetia (Grrr, pesky Russians... wait for him to bring up the Litvinenko thing all over again...)
DPNI - Russian Movement Against Illegal Immigration website
Russian news sources: RIA Novosti - ITAR-TASS

And finally, here's the clincher. American UN ambassador and arch-neocon Zalmay Khalilzad's allegations at yesterday's UN Security Council meeting? Remember Colin Powell at the UN, the "dodgy dossier" and all the death and destruction which followed?

Can you say hubris? We knew you could!


Rufus said...

I heard this morning on BBC radio (an obviously impartial source!) that George Bush and co have vowed that Russia will not go unpunished for its 'War of Aggression.'

At least this shows the neo-con/zionist regime has a sense of humour (or would that be chutzpah?)

Griffin's Jewish Accountant said...

Great post Creagh.

Did you see American condemn Russia for being "disproportionate" -- just as they.. er.. didn't do when Israel killed tens of thousands in its invasion of Lebanon!

Nice to see America treats all events equally: i.e. in the manner that best suits Israel!

behind blue eyes said...

Israel and America have a habit of blowing the crap out of little countries to prove to the rest of the world how free and democratic they are!

The trouble is whether Putin is part of the problem or part of the solution.

I've seen pictures of Putin giving Freemason handshakes and also the Iranian President Ahmadinejad making the horned devil salute. We are heading towards World War III and in past wars the 'modus operandi' of the Zionist Illuminati has been to create and finance two opposing power blocks and play them off against each other using the philosophy of Hegelian dialectism.

Is this going to happen this time? The plot thickens.

Final Conflict said...

At the moment Putin seems to be facing down the power of the Zionists. We've seen this viz the Oligarchs.

That's not to say he couldn't be turned... but with the amount of hatred and the huge monies involved, at the moment I would say that Russia is the Number One enemy for the neo Cons and Zionists.

Some Russian nationalists have told us that there have been "clamp downs" on patriots in Moscow etc. - but this could simply be Putin playing his hand so he can claim not to be any kind of "nazi" whilst going for the oligarchs and their henchmen.

Some friends said how impressed they were with the ex-KGB man's seemingly genuine embrace of Orthodox Christianity too.

Genuine? Or window dressing?

Time will tell.

Anonymous said...

Who owns the banks in Russia ? Anyone know ? The answer to that could tell us alot...

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