Sunday, 24 August 2008

News at Ten, Newsnight, Panorama or Lee Barnes: It's Oy Vey!

Are you one of those people that shouts whenever the news is on?

I regularly find myself hurling abuse whether it's the night-time news, or Panorama or Newsnight.

Oh there can even be fist-shaking!

Family members and visitors often find themselves at the end of erudite soliloquies(!) as they make their excuses and leave the room.

So it was a moment of great inner peace that led me to a wonderful discovery and has let tranquility and silence reign throughout the FC lean-to.

Now whenever a Neo Con appears on Newsnight, whenever the BBC tries to tell us that multi-racism has been an unqualified success, or whenever a government minister tries the usual spiel, I need no longer assault the ears of anyone within a 30 yard radius nor make wild gesticulations at the electronic talmud in the corner: I simply hold aloft my new mug which bears the words "Oy Vey!" to register my disdain at the Zionification of the media, news, government, politics etc.

I also turn to it for a calming cuppa whenever I hear of the latest shenanigans from Messrs Griffin and Barnes and their "most Zionist" party.

And peace reigns at Codreanu Cottage!


behind blue eyes said...

FC, I just can't watch Newsnight anymore. Its just diluted democracy in action. Question are vetted as well as the audience so no-one or anything can upset the democratic charade.

The news is just as bad. The recent Georgian conflict being a classic example of their distortion and manipulation with regard to contraversial subjects and matters.

I can just picture arch-Zionist Griffin sitting right now on a salubrious couch in his Star of David jumpsuit reading The Prince by Machiavelli.

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