Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Olympic Shame: Drugs Test Dodger Gets Gold Medal

Christine Ohuruogu wins a gold medal for the UK (sorry... "Team GB").

Right: She's here legally and so for the BNP Christine Ohuruogu is a decent, patriotic Briton!

This was the person banned for "missing" three drugs tests.

Sorry but if Dwayne Chambers is rightly banned from Olympics for life for failing a test, then so should Christine Ohuruogu for choosing to miss three of them!

This sends all the wrong messages to the young, and the BBC et al are hypocrites for celebrating Christine Ohuruogu's medal so prominently!

You can be sure her phisog will be all over our multi-culti ethnic-hugging newspapers' front pages tomorrow.

What a way to push home the message that drugs = mugs!


Anonymous said...

I totally agree!!!

This is exactly what I thought when watching the race Live and people like Colin Jackson and Kelly Homes are praising Ohuruogu, saying how's she an inspiration....yet 2 months earlier they are SLAGGING off Dwayne Chambers for being a bad influence (and basicly calling him Scum), yet Ohuruogu misses 3 drugs test ans she is ok and fine to do so!!

The BBC should make Colin and Kelly issue an apoligy to Dwayne.

Final Conflict said...

Or just treat Ohuruogu like they treated Chambers.

Seems a gold medal gives people short-term memories.

behind blue eyes said...

'One, twice, three times a drugs cheat.'

She shouldn't have been allowed to compete in The Olympics full stop. This disgraceful situation just makes a complete mockery of athletics and belittles the medals won by honest hard working individuals.

However, as well all know the sports world is corrupt to the core. With regard to football we have the shady agents, clubs owned by rich criminals and match fixing. etc.

Moving back to the drugs situation, we have a so-called 'War on (Illegal) Drugs' while at the same time the medical profession is handing out legal prescription drugs to millions of people turning them into doped up zombies. The Rolling Stones 'Mothers Little Helper' song springs to mind. I dread to think how many children are being given these so-called behavioural altering drugs!

Just look at some of these articles:-
Drugs ‘of no benefit’ to hyperactive children

Dangerous anti-psychotic drugs designed for schizophrenics used to calm children


Overmedication of Children ‘Troubling,’ Say Experts

400,000 children are given ‘good behaviour’ drug

I read an article a few months ago relating to the US which stated over 100,000 more people die as a result of 'medical blunders' and the use of prescribed legal drugs combined than the deaths resulting from hard drug use!

Moving back to this latest saga it seem people suffer from SMS (SHORT MEMORY SYNDROME) when it serves a pre-conceived long term political objective ie the praising of and advancement of multi-culturalism.

Not forgetting the Jewish billionaire and his wife getting a slap on the wrist for trying to get into the American Embassy with copious amounts of Class A Drugs and having thousands of pounds of worth of them in their salubrious mansion when the Police raided it. A nice quiet word in the right ears of the Judeo-Masonic cabal does wonders.

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