Wednesday, 13 August 2008

GM Food = Globalisation = More Freedoms Lost

Prince Charles attacks the GM Food industry and defends small farmers across the world!

Small is still beautiful!

Well done to Prince Charles (aka Charlie the Greek) for standing up against the GM Food, Mega-Corporate, Big Business, Industrial machine and its 'terminator seeds.'

Schumacher said Small is Beautiful. That book was originally called "Chestertonian Economics" and it is clear that we Distributists are the heirs to that whole worldview: against the profits at all cost of the Monsanto Capitalists and against the tower-blocks and collectivism of the Socialists.

Some - especially lefties - will argue that prince Charles has no right to mention these things because he's a big landowner. We would agree, because property should be as widely distributed as possible, but:

  1. When did having wealth ever stop all the Champagne Marxists (especially the rich founders of Marxism) out there from telling us what's wrong with the working classes etc. plus:
  2. Prince Charles may be a big landowner but once the "property is theft" anarcho-Marxians grab hold of all the land "for the people" and usher in State control, the Marxian State will be the biggest landowner of all, and it will busily tell all of us what's in our best interests!

Having said that, the only difference between that last scenario and today is that most of the land is owned by the big businesses, absentee landlords, insurance big businesses etc. that are the friends, backers and lodge-member friends of the political elite, rather than run by that elite's own bureaucracy.

Anyway, if we are to take back the land, if we are to usher in more family farms and farmers markets and market towns, if we are to bring about more (familial, societal and national) self-sufficiency, then we must stand and fight the multinationals today.

If that means supporting Prince Charles in this one instance, then so be it.

David Icke might be convinced that Prince Charles is a 6ft lizard, but the real "reptiles" are the scum who want to run the world's agri-business for their own mass profits.

Daily Telegraph article
Tape of Prince Charles interview


Anonymous said...

I'm scratching my head. I just don't trust Chazza.

What's his angle ?

I can't believe he has said all this with out the blessing of his handlers.

Clearly he needs to make it look like he's doing "something" with his time etc These people don't say and do things for the public good other than for appearence.

behind blue eyes said...

No can argue with what he is saying. However, is he being genuinely sincere about it. If he is then the anti-GM brigade have a very good ally.

Mind you his wife looks Genetically Modified.

He's also gone on record as saying "Climate change should be seen as the greatest challenge to ever face mankind." We only know that's a lie of gargantuan proportions.

His dear Dad has also stated in the past:-
"If I were reincarnated I would wish to be returned to earth as a killer virus to lower human population levels." This man is patron of the World Wildlife Fund. We now know the true agenda of the environmental movement.

I have just come across this article from last year entitled:-
Rothschilds Move To Bankrupt European Farmers
'In a recent interview with Lyn Forester de Rothschild we learn that she and her husband Evelyn de Rothschild are investing hundreds of millions to become the queen and the king of India`s fruits and vegetables. India is already the first world producer of fruits, and the second of vegetables and until today its production was essentially consumed by the over one billion Indian population.

Lyn and Evelyn de Rothschild have recently decided to make big money in exporting the Indian fruits and vegetables to the European and Japanese markets. The diverse agro-climatic zones of India make it possible to grow almost all varieties of fruits and vegetables while the labor cost is a tiny fraction of the European or Japanese: Lady de Rothschild is looking forward to pay the Indian workers $2 a day.

Even with the transportation and duty costs, the Indian fruit and vegetables are likely to bankrupt the European and Japanese farmers. In Europe, most of these farmers are heavily indebted as the EU paranoid sanitary norms as well as the packaging requirements of the supermarkets have forced them to invest in expensive machinery and infrastructures.'
Full article at:-

Anonymous said...

They will create the conditions that will have us begging for GM food. When your hungry you will eat what you can get.

Final Conflict said...

You only need to look at the facts on the Rothschilds that BBE dug out, and the mess over growing fuels has caused viz the lower availability of food crops to see that this is the case anon!

Remember the last Damian Omen film [the 'Final Conflict' ahem] and how the Satanist big business scumbags want to create slaves of the world by making "high yield" crops available -- but only available to buy from them!

Quite prophetic.

If anyone can prove Monsanto = 666 i'll be chuffed for the weekend ;-)

behind blue eyes said...

The Rothschilds are the Adepts of Deceit and are planning and implementing a wide range of insidious concepts.

With regard to British farming a multi-faceted approach is being used. Food Psyops are being used to destroy the British meat farmers and drive them out of business and the quote above shows how they intend to bankrupt our fruit and vegetable growers as well.

This, if it comes off, has a number of positive results for them. Firstly, it enables large areas of land to become available for building houses on. People are always asking where are we going to fit all these millions of immigrants that are going to 'swamp' blighty over the next two decades or so. Here's the answer.

Secondly, it will force people to move to the cities. People are far easier to control and manipulate when they're herded like social engineered lab rats into urban areas.

Thirdly, Britain will be forced to switch from being largely self-sufficient when it comes to farm produce to importing vast quantities of unfit toxin ridden fruit and vegetables grown in sub-standard soil in India.

Artificially created famines etc. are a set of food psyops being utilised to force the world to accept GM crops as the food saviour of mankind. As FC correctly pointed out they are the Seed(s) of Satan.

Check out this article entitled Monsanto Buys ‘Terminator’ Seeds Company by F. William Engdahl at:-

The Zionist World Order want to wipe out 90% of the world's population and GM foods is just one of the many ways they have devised to carry out this diabolical plan of global genocide.

behind blue eyes said...

FC, I did some research on Monsanto last night and can say without a doubt that the Rothschilds and Rockefeller Foundation are all over this company like a rash!

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