Saturday, 27 February 2010

Bologna Bombing "Not Work of Fascists" -- Investigation to be Re-Opened

Quote from later Corriere Della Sera:

Carlos the jackal for the first time before an Italian judge, said the response in the French language: "The massacre of August 2, Bologna, is not the work of fascists."

According to Carlos, the August 2, 1980 massacre (85 victims) was ... "organized by the CIA and Mossad" in order to "punish and subdue Rome."

"We have always been convinced that it was organized by the American and Israeli services, they are the true "lords of the black terror" in Italy."

Will Searchshite magazine now apologise for 30 years of lies, defamation and subterfuge?

Former left-wing activist, and current spokesman for the Pdl government coalition in Italy, Daniele Capezzone, publicly called for the investigation into the Bologna Bombing to be re-opened on the 29th anniversary of the horrific massacre that shook Italy and the whole of Europe on August 2nd, 1980.


Capezzone expressed what many people of all political persuasions believe about the terrorist atrocity and the events surrounding it when he stated that there are still "serious doubts" relating to the facts surrounding the massacre, and the guilt of those convicted for directly carrying out the bombing.

Capezzone stated that "The reconstructed in judgments leaves doubts heavy, and I think justified, in many of us. The 'dogma' of the fascist massacre seems rather an assumed ideological convenience for many, but certainly does not seem a convincing truth."

The call for the investigation to be fully re-opened comes at a time when Valerio Fioravanti, the leader of the armed gang that was immediately blamed for planting the bomb, has just been released from prison after 29 years.

Fioravanti and fellow NAR activist Francesca Mambra, whom was also convicted on the same charge and whom he later married in prison, have always denied any involvement in the Bologna massacre whilst at the same time readily admitting to a number of killings and robberies of banks and arms depots.

In April 2007 Luigi Ciavardini, who has always stated that Fioravanti and Mambro were with him in Treviso when the bombing took place in Bologna, was also given final sentence, after a long appeals process lasting many years, to 30 years imprisonment for planting the bomb in Bologna. Incredibly, the conviction is based on absolutely no evidence other than hearsay. [our emphasis - FC]

The Bologna massacre became the climax of a period known in Italy as "the years of lead".

After the destruction of Italy during the Second World War the United States found that they had created a situation where Italy was in serious danger of becoming a Communist satellite State allied to the Soviet Union.

In a long-term strategic response known as Operation Gladio, the US and NATO began to organise underground guerrilla cells and secret arms depots facilitated by the P2 Masonic Lodge and Italian crime syndicates.

A destabilisation campaign was orchestrated that resulted in kidnappings, assassinations and bombings involving the Red Brigades on the one hand, and CIA/P2/crime syndicate sponsored cells on the other, which were blamed generically on 'neo-fascists'.

The 'Strategy of Tension', as it has come to be known, also resulted inevitably in widespread tit for tat violence on the streets and in the schools between young anarchists/communists and nationalists.

A few of these street groups, from both sides, degenerated into little more than armed criminal gangs. It is to one of these groups, Nuclei Armati Rivoluzionari (NAR), to which the blame for the Bologna Bombing massacre was immediately attributed by the powers-that-be.

The result was a vicious mass round-up of hundreds of young nationalists, the vast majority of whom had been engaged in purely political actions opposed to both left and right wings of the System. Beatings, tortures, imprisonments without trial and murders in custody were the order of the day.

The investigations and trials relating to the Bologna massacre and the surrounding events of those years eventually determined that the head of the P2 Masonic Lodge, Licio Gelli, and General Pietro Musumeci, Second-in-Command of the Italian Military Intelligence Secret Service (SISMI), as well as SISMI operatives Francesco Pazienza and Giuseppe Belmonte, had fabricated evidence against a number of young nationalists in order to tie them in with the Bologna terrorist outrage and similar atrocities.


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