Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Greeks Stand for European Values

5000 Greek Nationalists March Against Turkey's EU Membership.

Greek Nationalists disrupt pro-multi-culti meeting in parliament building.


Anonymous said...

I fear that in the grand scheme of things, however many Greek and fellow Europeans take to the streets to show opposition to the behind the scenes manouvering which is aimed at getting the Turks into the EU, the old adage 'money talks - bullshit walk' may unfortunately sum things up.

Is it more than a mere coincidence that the biggest opposition (Greek) to Turkish enterance has become bankrupt and consequently subject to the mercy of those who seek the destruction of all Europe?

Those who will 'bail them out' via the IMF will be the agents of Rothschild who act on his behalf in Europe and also bear in mind the publicly declared aims regarding Turkish membership in the EU of the US of A - Rockefeller's proxy!

Death to Marxism/Common Purpose & Death to International Finance/Capitalism.

Charlie said...

What's he saying?

It's all greek to me!

Anonymous said...

'Charlie'... you wanna stop entertaining Mustafa in the Turkish baths ya mug!

Anonymous said...


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