Thursday, 18 February 2010

Show of Hands: Arrogance Ignorance And Greed (AIG) Anti-Usury Anthem for 2010

This is surely the song of 2010!

It grabs the national feeling, and when council workers across the country are being thrown on the dole, when factory workers are still suffering 4 day weeks or frozen wages, the banksters are now handing out multi-million bonus packages.

Why don't the banksters pay back the debt? Why does the debt fall upon us and our children (and our children's children)?

The injustice is stifling, yet because the political class are bound up with the banking class, they will not do anything about it! As in years gone by, they would rather bind us up in usury debt and serfdom to the banking swindle than look out for the interests of the people (the 'Common Good') and reducing the burden of taxation.

As with mass immigration, immoral laws on abortion and homosexuality, illegal wars and much else besides: the politicians serve other interests.

This is no "democracy" - at best it an elected oligarchy, with the media barons deciding who is elected, with the money and power of the big business oligarchs and banksters backing the Tweedledum and Tweedledee parties.

Who decides the outcome? Who decides what is news? Who decides who are the candidates? Who has the power to bring down an MP or a party or a parliament?

Hint: it ain't "we the people" to borrow an Americanism.

Show of Hands - as with their superb song 'Roots' - has hit the national consciousness.

But don't expect the politicians to act against the banksters, because if the banksters fall, the politicians fall.

The whole, sordid, grubby system is greedy, corrupt and arrogant.

'Nuff said.


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