Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Israel is a Lunatic Country That Wants War With Iran

Israel is a "lunatic" country.

When it was proven that Iran had no nuclear weapons programme, the whole world sighed in relief: except Israel!

How prophetic were those words?

Even in the recent Iraq War enquiry, when the war criminal, Neo Con and profiteer Tony Blair refused to apologise for the many dead and injured, he was pushing for another war - this time with Iran.

The same spurious grounds, the same spurious 'evidence,' the same spurious lie-machine, the same spurious Neo-Con/Zionist hucksters.

Do they really think we are so dense? Do they really think, to quote Daltry et al, we won't get fooled again?

Perhaps they think a long buttering-up by the media, on top of a Sun-reading, Eastenders-watching, non-educated moronic base of support (with the help of all those who seek to profit via Muzzie-bashing and all the Al-Qaeda Power of Nightmares B.S.) will deliver them the war they so want.

Even as the body bags still flow from Afghanistan...

There is a breed of politician who thirsts for war. We know them as Zionists.


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