Saturday, 13 February 2010

New Fascist Hats, Shirts & More @ the FC Shop

We have a new range of items at the FC Shop including a few limited edition Forza Nuova t-shirts, linked with militant camps and suchlike.

Other limited edition shirts include El Alamein Memorial shirt, The Gladiator's Way Duce Shirt, and lots of other great designs, including this one here for Fascist Artists (see pic right).

New wallets include many WW2 regiments and we also have hats from Fascist-Era World Cup winners Italy (1934).

New in we also have a desk/table-top WW2 Battle Flag.

Does it get any groovier?!

Upset the politically correct, anti-fascist, limp-wristed whiners of the left and right with these fantastic items.

If you need help ordering, email:

The logo of Italy's 1934 World Cup winning team. A great way of sticking two fingers up to the multi-culti world capital of murder and rape (South Africa) chosen to host the World Cup this year.

Many of these items are limited stock. Go fill yer boots!

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