Tuesday, 23 February 2010

The Inglorious Hollywood Basterds: Why the BAFTA Awards & Oscar Nominations?

This video is a corker!

It shows who is undermining our Western, Christian morals and civilised ways.

Hint for Messrs Griffin, Cameron, etc.: it ain't "the muzzies."

In this video original footage and quotes are used to leave no-one in any doubt who is behind the foetid forces destroying the mindset of all generations.

Copy the link, tell your friends. This was already pulled from You Tube.

This is the truth that Tory, Lab, Lib, Nu-BNP, Green, Commie: none dare speak it, to quote the New Testament "for fear of the Jews."



Dan Dan the Jungle Man said...

That explains why the BNP went Zionist!

Griffo, Collette, Hannam, Reynolds... they were all after the free {bi multi-racial?} porn.

yikes! {change the y if you like}

Anonymous said...

Excellent clip.

Anonymous said...

People who think this is a reflection on true events reinforce the yids accepted logic that the goyim are stupid dumb shits! The same stupid dumb shits who so up in arms about the 'mad muzzies' and spout their cretinous ideas regarding Iran.... oh! and they also believed the nonsense about Saddam and WMD (although they don't know what the initials stood for!)

Maria said...

Why can't I watch it? has it been pulled off again??

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