Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Ron Paul, Fox TV, Twitter, Iran and the New World Order

The other evening I was pottering. That's an ancient right of the Britons to shuffle around in a seemingly aimless way.

I used to do it by choice of a quiet evening, but as I get older I find it is more of an involuntary (in)activity. Mayhaps it is genetically built into our DNA.

Certainly Belloc saluted the way the country lanes of England meandered their way around, as opposed to some brisk Teutonic efficient motorway.

Certainly the Anglo-Celtic peoples of the Black Country and its environs were a model for Tolkien's hobbits, and what could a hobbit best be described as other than a professional potterer.

Had the ancient Celts got into their 40s, 50s etc. (and I know debate rages as much as debate can "rage" about such matters) maybe they pottered too... amongst the skulls of their vanquished enemies or around the tribal cauldron.

I don't have a tribal cauldron, but I was doing the next best thing. Sad to say the fridge was bereft of pork pies (always handy to fend off alien invaders into the homestead), but nestled in the oven was a plate of nutrition left by one of the sprogs from an earlier meal.

Knowing that this would be recycled the next day; to the compost, through an animal or via the council's waste food collection (waste cooked meats, bones etc. - I think the Celtic tribesman would feel at home) I decided, as is so often my want, to be the human recycler busy saving the planet, and I took the plate of foodstuffs to a suitably comfy chair and settled down for a munch.

Please note that I do this without media attention, without Green Party plaudits and without the recognition I so richly deserve for saving the planet just as (in the metaphysical footsteps of my father) I switch off all the lights after the sprogs have been through every room in the house.

Having finished my work for the day and having the rare treat of a sit-down (half-eaten) meal at a relatively late hour, I decided to switch on the goggle box and catch up with some news.

BBC News 24 had a documentary about drug mules in South America. Switch. Sky TV (ptuh, ptuh - that's me spitting on the ground) was running adverts. Switch.

Now usually I flick straight through to Al Jazeera or perhaps the Hitler... sorry! - History Channel. But for some reason I saw the name "Fox TV" in the wee blue box on the screen and I thought "why not?"

Some moons ago I used to get up at 4am for commuting and used to put on Fox TV at that early hour to catch the American evening news and have a good laugh at a world filtered through (six-pointed, star shaped) Zion-Goggles.

Just seeing the name Fox TV on the screen sent a shudder down my spine, with a small tingle of anticipation added for good measure.

What rant would I see against the "enemies of democracy?" What talking head would be preaching against liberalism but in such a way that it would defend the rights of banksters and war-mongers to make their 'fair share' (don't they call that "free market" - when it is really stacked against everyone but the Judeo-WASP-bankster clans)?

I clicked the button and Fox TV lunged into view in all its air-brushed, neon splendour (kind of reminds you of an entrance to a Soho strip joint - all sickly shining glamour out front, but inside you know there's a lot of sludge, sickness and suffering all backed up a rich man - probably of a certain breed - profiteering from offending and undermining public morality).

I forget - forgive me in my dotage oh faithful and forbearing reader - the name of the show, but four talking heads were sat discussing a Republican Party gathering of some sort. Unlike the highly orchestrated presidential ones (or the party conferences over here) this was more of a grass-roots affair. If memory serves me right I think it was a Republican Student or Youth conference/rally.

Amidst my quick shoveling action with carbohydrates flying in every direction... sorry I mean I took another carefully measured Kate Moss-esque fork of lettuce... I discerned a veiled panic amongst the trained monkeys of plastic, polyfilled, highly coiffured Fox TV panelists.

They were perturbed and it was a joy to behold. Then all became clear. My fork hovered betwixt plate and mouth (and that is a rare event!).

Ron Paul.

The name immediately had me paying attention to every syllable and on-screen graphic.

It seems the young Republican meeting had been voting for their favourite to run for the White House. The Fox TV pundits were clearly shocked that Ron Paul - famous for being a traditional American libertarian and anti-banker, anti-Zionist and, in short, against everything the Bush Whitehouse was for when it came to foreign and economic policies - had been their number one choice.

How dare they! Do they not pay attention to the media?

Sarah Palin (who I assumed was the love of the small-c conservatives in the Republican Party) garnered a mere 7% against Ron Paul's 31% haul. The ex-centrefold. Mitt Romney, who recently stole Ted Kennedy's ex-stomping ground (and whom the media are playing up as the great white hope, if you'll pardon the pun, against Obama) came second with 22%.

What was funny and had me giggling into my cold stodge (sorry, I mean crisp healthy option 99% fat-free diet special) was that the anchor of the Fox show went out of his way to ignore the poll.

He kept saying things such as 'out of the mainstream candidates, who do you think poses a serious risk to the Obama Whitehouse.'

It was a real media whitewash, going on right in front of my eyes! The Zionist media was rushing to pour cold water on the fact that an anti-Zionist, anti-bankster candidate had come out on top of all the other party flunkies and media-luvvies (of a sort).

In America of late there has been a phenomenon, borne of the credit crunch, lost jobs, failed banks, billions poured into Wall Street, millions thrown on the dole, the idea of socialised healthcare and so on. That phenomenon is known as tea party politics; in the sense of the Boston Tea Party (not polite late afternoon cakes with the vicar).

Tea party politics is all about bottom-up politics. Local people going to town halls and shouting down system politicians.

As a Third Positionist, it is something I and my ilk have been promoting since the 80s: the idea of local communities taking back control of their areas - indeed of their streets! - from the party political machinery.

Left: Ron Paul was seen as an "outsider" in the 2008 U.S. Presidential elections and OK, he may not be the man to completely sort out Aegean Stables that is Washington DC, but he is certainly independent and against many vested interests.

Why does the person in charge of clearing dog crap from the pavements or taking local council taxes away from the people have to belong to Lib, Lab or Con?

Why are the powerless people, defecated upon from a great height by politicians in the pay of the banks, powerless?

They are only so because the media tells them that an X in a box every 4 or 5 years is the only say they get.

A non-choice in Tweedledum Tweedledee politics, choosing from a range of multi-culti, pro-Israel, pro-homosexual candidates that the media tell us are "safe" to choose from, and their appointed safety-valves, is not democracy!

Sadly there is no tradition of tea party politics in this country. Every now and then we march, if a socialist or right-wing backer can get the money in to bus people to London, such as the millions who marched against the Iraq War or against the ban of fox hunting.

Yet even when millions are mobilised, the politicians ignore them and return to their hallowed (sic) halls of Westminster to strike their deals and shape public policy for their vested interests.

So the powerful (Goldman Sachs, Rothschild et al) know that pouring money into lobbying groups, paying for campaigns, chucking wads at constituency offices, gets them more input than a million voters marching.

Those who saw Peter Oborne's documentary on the Israeli Lobby in Britain (NuLab and ModCon) are left in no doubt of the sheer power of that lobby. Of course it is even more powerful in America, so that (like them or loathe them) when opposite voices like Ron Paul or David Duke are voted in or become internet hits they are all but ignored.

Meanwhile when anti-government voices are raised on Twitter against the sovereign government of Iran, the media in Britain and America are very excited and report it as a victory for "the people " and "democracy" -- even when it has been proven that much of the Twats, er Twits, or Twitterers actually sat at their keyboards in America and Israel; not Iran.

Compare that to the huge internet upheaval and response to to the Ron Paul presidential campaign a couple of years back. Only those clued up would be aware. Certainly the BBC didn't mention Ron Paul in any serious way. It may seem to the suspiciously minded (sorry Elvis!) that the sole criteria for new-media mentions on the news bulletins is whether it supports the New World Order's agenda. But hush! That's foolish conspiracy talk.

Having finished my nutritional intake for the day I returned the plate to the kitchen (I am, if nothing else, house trained) and climbed the wooden bridge to Bedfordshire with thoughts of grass roots politics, media cover-ups and a New World Order agenda in full flow.

Yes, another end to a perfect day in Codreanu Towers.

The Guardian on Ron Paul's Poll Win


Anybody who was even near the room Friday night during Paul's address could hear the audience roaring at a pitch not really matched by any other speaker at CPAC.There were loud chants of "End the Fed!" and people managed to cheer a remarkable downer of a speech. Paul predicted financial ruin because of America's failed fiscal and military policies.


Joey said...

As long as the "Electoral College" and the "Federal Reserve" exist this nation is not free.

Anonymous said...

Ahmedinejad sparked the fury of the International Financiers by dumping the US Dollar by transferring Iran's foreign currency reserves to the Euro.

We know, THEY know, everybody knows that the days of the Jew S of A are numbered because Europe (unfortunately not the Kabbalist stooge that is the British State) is getting back to establishing relations with Mother Russia who, along with China, have declared that any strike by the Bandit State against Iranian nuclear sites will see Russia and China striking against the Bandit State and more than likely start WWIII.

Anonymous said...

great post

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