Friday, 12 February 2010

Channel 4's BNP/NF Documentary: Young, Angry & White: A Response

The Young, Angry and White documentary on Channel 4 tonight was interesting.

The young man - Kieran - came across as intelligent, well-humoured and (dare I say?) "normal."

Unlike Channel 4's previous offerings (especially Young Nazi and Proud) there were no semi-naked posing, no half-mental "I wish I lived in Hitler's time" meanderings or other nutty offerings from a wannabe fuhrer.

The voice-over tried to justify the protagonist's 'racism' via all sorts of psycho-babble (you see the militant left see anyone who is "racist" or "anti-Semitic" as quite literally mad) because in their world they simply cannot see that any people - let alone European, White Christians - wish to simply live in peace amongst their own kith and kin.

It's not about hatred, superiority or inferiority on any side.

It is purely about being with our own people and not having to mop up the mess of a failed multi-culti experiment which has not "enriched" us in any way!

Are Cornish fishermen culturally destitute? Is the Highland crofter poor in his life experience? Was the Berkshire small-holder bereft of any self-fulfillment? Is the Welsh cafe-owner robbed of a heritage, of a sense of belonging? Has the Lancastrian mother been denying her children a birthright?

I see this idea of immigration "enriching" us not only materially wrong (it has enriched the bosses who use immigrants to undercut wages), but culturally, spiritually and in almost every other feasible way. It is trying to say that our own culture(s) are poor, are weak, are malnourishing our children and offer nothing for the future.

And if (as most politiocians opine) it is just about food and music can't we import that? Can't we watch that on TV if that is our desire?

Why did we have to give over our land to millions of non-Europeans on order to eat an occasional curry or listen to African music - if that is what is being sold to us?

I think Kieran has it right in this TV programme. We simply want what is ours. We had a healthy European multi-culturalism before and it worked fine, the cultures of Europe mixed well and we had Italian cafes, we had German churches, we had Irish pubs, we had French restaurants, we had Polish centres and much more besides.

The cultures of Europe can provide us with all we need, without being swamped by millions of people who do not share our European ancestry, our common faith and heritage, our core ideals.

A smattering of European settled communities worked well because there was just the right amount of assimilation, and just the right amount of traditional culture.

The non-Europeans meanwhile have come in their millions and separate or "assimilated" it is not working. The offspring, second and third generation, have no sense of their own identity and that breeds contempt, lawlessness and worse to the detriment of all. The multi-culti, multi-racial and multi-faith miasma is ripping away the innards of our identity, our sense of community, our sense of right and wrong, our sense of belonging.

Besides which, as I have always said to any rabid multi-racialist or red -- if it was right for the Indians to take back their country in the 1940s, why is it wrong for us to want to take back our own country in the 2010s?

If the enemies of nationhood say one is right and one is wrong then that shows their racism - that they are biased against us for being White, European and Christian and wanting our own land.

Is the Indian in India more deserving of his birthright than the Englishman in England?

Towards the end of the programme Kieran did, imho, come to the correct conclusion about the BNP.

If he wants to join a party that is opposed to race-mixing how can he join one that is now promoting integration and assimilation? That is simply counter-intuitive and counter-productive.

As for the hooded figures part way through the programme - I have to say I empathised with their view. It was clear and principled - with a solid anti-Capitalist stance (cosmopolitanism, consumerism et al) and a healthy anti-Communist position too.

My sole criticism would be the hoodies and scarves, I would say either ignore the enemy media, or if you must use it - put up a spokesman that is clean-cut, normal and doesn't need to hide. But each to his own, as I said what they actually put across had a resonance which appealed. It had the social-justice angle so often missing from those trying to ape right-wing Tories.

As a final point, near the end Kieran seemed to be questioning his future in nationalism, though I think this was more to do with the BNP's betrayal of any racialism, and he seemed to be settled more with the NF activists.

If he is still unsure - and maybe he will read this or a friend will pass it on - I would simply say, stick with it. There will always be times when you are defecated upon. There will be traitors and hypocrites. Parties will come and go - and let you down.

But remember that our cause is greater than any of those and you will also meet some of the most genuine people in our cause - who will remain friends for life beyond this or that organisation.

In short, to quote a certain long-haired gent from the 1980s: don't let the bastards grind you down.


Charlie said...

Your message will be passed on mate, have no worry about that!

Final Conflict said...

cheers charlie

Griffin is Britain's Fini said...

the bnp sold out.

griffin raised thousands to fight the cre/ehrc

then he capitulated without a fight.

always a traitor - but never giving up the chance to con extra money out of idiots who believe his lies.

Anonymous said...

Kieran you are my idol!

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