Sunday, 14 February 2010

Michael Gove: No Answers for a Failed Education System

The drippingly wet frighteningly Zionist Tory shadow education minister Michael Gove was on the Andrew Marr show this morning promoting another Tory education policy.

Right: Michael Gove, the Tories' education action man.

He attacked "fundamentalist" schools (and he specifically said non-Muslim ones) and stated that schools would not be allowed to teach 'Creationism' because they must stick to "what we know to be scientific fact."

The Zionist Gove might like to present his thesis then. Can he show us the missing link?

How interesting that the Tories are putting forward a state-sponsored credo that we must all adhere to.

So we can't question the evolutionary theory (not fact Mr. Gove).

Can we question any aspect of history? Was the Gunpowder Plot a government conspiracy? Was 911 an inside job? Why didn't we declare war on Russia for invading Poland (twice!) in WW2? Was the Pearl Harbour attack known in advance? Did the Communists kill 100 million? Did the Nazis kill 6 million Jews?

Or will we have a state-sanctioned version of history that we are not allowed to question?

And what of social studies? Will we be able to question the validity of the homosexual "lifestyle?" And what of immigration and multi-racism? Will teachers be forced to extol all the many benefits (sic) of mass coloured immigration?

I thought the Tories were supposed to be about small government, yet here we have a clear example of how the socialist germ, the nanny-state infection, has entered the political class, and they are seeking to control what our children are taught so that they become "model citizens" in the modern multi-racial, consumerist, Zionist, bankrupt Britain.

But what was Gove on Marr's show to promote other than his scientific expertise and Bolshevik style of education-policy?

This time they want to give parents the powers to open new schools.

Schools are failing you see in the much-improved, vastly enriched (thanks to immigration) modern Britain.

So the Tories, rather than grab the bull by the horns and sort out a failing society and a crumbling education system want to give parents the power to open new schools!

Less children are being born (no idea to tackle the abortion crisis) and despite the vast number of immigrant families and their offspring, numerically we don't need new schools.

This is the Tories ignoring existing problems and trying to be "exciting" and "innovative."

What it really is, is moral cowardice in the extreme.

They won't give schools a Christian ethos (that is why parents bend over backwards to get their kids into Anglican and Catholic schools). A very simple matter to fix.

They won't tackle our immigration/multi-culti crisis which has seen the character of many inner city schools change, with white flight leaving many schools under-performing. A simple resettlement programme with funds for schools and colleges in host nations would resolve this.

They won't tackle the violence and chaos in some schools by insisting on a return to respect for teachers, a strict uniform code, and giving teachers the powers to deal with unruly children (the "I know my rights" generation, who know nothing of duty).

We don't need new buildings, new ideas, new expenditure.

It is typical Tory cowardice. They are so busy papering over the cracks of what they termed Broken Britain, they should know that when the cracks are so deep they need proper treatment!

Furthermore, if the above 3 issues are tackled (Christian ethos, Resettlement of migrants and their offspring, and discipline in schools) alongside good resources and ideas such as targeting school leavers to needed industries and skills, we won't have to put up with the nonsensical idea that we need to import the workers with the skills our economy needs.

Instead of insisting on near 50% university attendance and whooping over better GCSE results, why aren't we targeting school leavers for the economy?

Those in university would be pushed towards courses that will benefit the economy - the doctors, engineers, mathematicians, scientists and other trained professionals that we need.

For those who leave school with GCSEs, why on earth aren't we teaching them the skills the economy needs on a local basis? Mechanics, plumbers, plasterers, builders, electricians and so forth. Skills that can give a steady and healthy income.

A good education, as well as preparing a young adult for the wide world, should primarily be looking at the skill level of the individual and preparing that person for a role in the economy that will benefit the individual, the economy, the community and the nation.

If we have 50,000 people leaving university this year with first class degrees in media studies the government will look on it as a success. More youngsters achieving, more people in university and more people achieving their educational goals.

In reality it is a huge failure.

Taxes have been spent (and the students put in debt) to get a pretty meaningless piece of paper which doesn't help them get a job (or better still, start a business) and they will for the most part be over-qualified factory workers, office workers or shelf-stackers.

Tony Blair offered "education, education, education."

But without tackling the ethos, racial-character and discipline of schools it is meaningless. And unless education is targeted to achieving results for the individual and society, we will always have the ridiculous scenario where billions of our tax pounds are poured into schools to give us more over-qualified unemployed graduates whilst the politicians say we "need" skilled immigrants.

Don't they know how to deliver the skilled school and uni leavers that we need?

Unless they do "education, education, education" is just another empty NuLab slogan, and the Tory idea of opening new schools will achieve absolutely nothing.

Without the ability to see the problems, and moreover the resolve to tackle and solve them, all the sloganeering, all the imported ideas, and all the empty gesture politics in the world will not solve the crisis in our schools.

It is a cliché, but the youth are our future. That is self-evident.

The sad thing is that generation by generation the UK plc is getting worse. The education system is a large part of the problem - and the politicians do not want to fix it, because by fixing it they would help create a better generation - a generation that might see through their lies, corruption, greed, cowardice, betrayal and treachery.

Mr. Gove might mislabel me a fundamentalist. Only in the sense that I am fundamentally right, and he is fundamentally flawed. Unless he tackles the fundamental flaws in his outlook and in the school system, we will continue to have parents desperate to get their children into Christian schools (parents like the Millibands no less!) to try and escape the nightmare that more and more state schools are becoming.

I have long said that politicians are not fit to pass laws that effect the bulk of us. They are the lawyer, privately-educated class (ModCon, NULab and all the rest of them!).

They use private schools and private health-care whilst dictating to the rest of us what our schools are like and what our hospitals are like.

Mr. Gove is typical of this class, and he and his ModCon party will offer nothing substantially different from the failure of NuLab which had the advantage of huge tax income during the boom years (the years when Gordon Brown assured us he had done away with 'Boom and Bust').

Whatever Mr. Gove promises us will be more wasted opportunities that fail to address the underlying problems because, as with the banking crisis, usury, taxation and the like, the Tory Party is tied into the system that creates the problems in the first place.

National Revolution anyone?


P.S. New members of the Conservative Friends of Israel get a free copy of Michael Gove's 'Celcius 7/7.' Gove is part of the loose conspiracy that spans most parties from NuLab to the NuBNP which says most of our problems arise from militant Islam, a convenient/created fig leaf for the real culprits, the NWO Masonic elite.


Anonymous said...

Does anyone know if the 'Ahmedinejad Party' is standing in our General Election?

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

The homosexual Gove is, like all of them, a determined subverter of our western civilization and its civilized values. Homosexual activists do nothing but harm, and always support evil causes, which is the best proof that they themselves and their lifestyle are evil.

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