Sunday, 28 February 2010

Diabolical Labour Promotes Homosexuality in Schools: Time to Fight Back

Oh joy. Oh rapture.

As many Labour MPs assume they are on their way out of parliament (this weekend's Tory poll slide aside) -- indeed many are leaving anyway thanks to fiddled expenses -- and a government in decline and internally riven, what do they find time to do?

We have yet another law passed to promote homosexuality!

Just how many laws has this government passed to promote homosexuality?

They always tell us there is a dearth of time for laws that we actually need, yet they seem to find the time to pass law after law after law in favour of homosexuality.

We now find ourselves in a position where homosexuality has to be promoted in schools (from a stance of its promotion being banned under Thatcher, then the ban being lifted in the late 90s), as well as the common "age of consent" (which poof militants are already agitating to reduce - even to the age of nine!).

Right: The Outrage leader Peter Tatchell said that homosexual sex with nine-year-olds is acceptable. The faggots will never stop agitating for more "rights" and have friends in power. We have to be just as forthright in opposing their degenerate liberal agenda. As if proof were needed, this poof is demonstrating outside a Tory pro-poof meeting -- proving that the more you try to accommodate the homosexual agenda, the more "rights" they demand. These people want our children to be faggots. It is we who should be outraged!

We have also had the outrage that is "civil partnership" - already commonly referred to as "marriage" in the media, with heretical and diabolical liberal "churches" lining up to allow homosexual "marriages" (sic).

Britain is on its knees.

There is no morality, we live in a state that is passing from being amoral to being arrogantly immoral. How can a state which demands the promotion of homosexuality to our children hope to gain our obedience? It could be argued that under this immoral state we have a duty of civil disobedience.

Anything goes (except racism, "homophobia," anti-Semitism etc.) is the law of the land . The Crowleyesque "Do what thou wilt" is the mantra of the state. The state tells us what (in their eyes) is acceptable, and as long as we make "informed choices" -- based on their slanted immorality -- then that is fine.

Sex education - now a homosexual-friendly sex ed - is pushed as the answer, yet sex ed has done nothing so far but increase the number of teenage single mums and the number of abortions.

The "do what thou wilt" mentality is at the core of sex ed. Sleep around, as long as you use contraception. Be a poof if it floats your boat. Experiment! You might prefer one form of 'sexuality' over another - and so on, ad so forth.

This kind of sexual chaos and amoral mire results in more children having no sense of right from wrong. And they wonder why more children take drugs, why more children turn to drink, why more young girls get pregnant, and why more girls have abortions.

More amorality and immorality means more sex, means more pregnancies, means more abortions.

We are wrecking the youth of the country. They are being weaned on a code of loveless sex, kill a baby and walk away when you want. Irresponsibility is the watch-word of the "do what thou wilt" era.

The recent report on a sexualised youth told us nothing we didn't already know. The media promotes this liberal agenda, and politicians mimic it through the liberal laws they pass, and the anti-family agenda in schools makes it 'official'.

They create the mess, they create a generation that thinks marriage is passé, or that fidelity is an outmoded norm. Absentee fathers become very close to the norm in more communities, not just in the black urban sub-culture. Young girls either get pregnant to gain a home and live off state handouts for life, or go through abortuaries with all the psychological, mental and metaphysical damage that undoubtedly does (post abortion syndrome being a medically recognised result for many). And more youngsters take drugs to escape reality.

There is a mess born out of 60s liberal individualism (sexual amorality) and moral relativism ("informed choices") which has mingled freely with free market economics (greed is good) and Thatcherite individualism (community is dead).

This mess is worsened every time the government passes a liberalising law such as that which makes it mandatory for schools to promote homosexuality as a valid "lifestyle choice" (sic).

True, they had to add an addenda permitting 'faith schools' (Protestant, Catholic, Muslim and Jewish) from doing so within the remit of their faith/culture (a move that has enraged liberals, faggots and humanists who seek total surrender) but those schools will still have to teach/promote a deathstyle which goes contrary not just to most religions, but to natural justice, healthcare, and common sense.

And they wonder why the growth in immorality, the growth in drug use, the growth in absentee fathers continues apace.

Don't they realise these are symptoms of the amoral malaise born of an anti-Christian worldview?

They clearly cannot realise that 2 + 2 = 4 because they are proponents of that worldview and the current system is their baby. That is why, even as the system, the nation, communities and families worsen as a rule, their only answer is to fling around ever more liberal laws and liberal platitudes.

They cannot fix it because it would mean betraying their worldview. They would have to acknowledge - left and right - that they have been wrong and that, horror of horrors, those who say that homosexuality, drug abuse, sexual promiscuity et al is wrong and that marriage, fidelity, loyalty to nation, duty in the community et al are, and always have been, correct.

As I have said before, the Tories will not fix the problem.

They already say that they support "civil partnerships" and with even groups like the BNP turning a blind-eye to known and practicing homosexuals in their party (because, for one thing, they give a lot of money) is there any political party that can offer an answer?

Perhaps not. Perhaps that is another strata of the problem. The Masonic political party circus, corralled by a media elbow deep in the amoral mess, will never have the gumption to grab the bull by the horns for fear of losing any media support.

The American move towards "tea party politics" may offer us a short term answer. There is little doubt that local activists, local community members, resolved to rid the community of drugs, of the creeps who hang around public conveniences, of council money wasted on gay helplines etc. can have an impact.

The Third Positionist idea of taking power back from the streets, from local areas, can have an impact. Local councillors who reflect community feeling (and not answerable to Islington elites with their liberal, homosexual agenda) can, if backed up by a strong local voice, have the gumption to make areas free of the cancer that spreads from Westminster.

If we are to avoid the UK plc, and its constituent nations, plunging into an abyss then we have to start a fightback, where we can, how we can.

It's St David's Day tomorrow, and the Welsh patron saint had a saying which he spread amongst the people. His message of 'do the little things well'* can be taken for our own in politics, community life etc.

If we take St David's example, he did the little things well, kept Christianity alive (during the Dark Ages), from its days in the Roman Empire, spread to Ireland from the Welsh slave St Patrick, spread from Ireland via St Columba to the Picts and from there into Northumbria.

All these places in turn spread monastacism, learning, agricultural knowledge, care for the poor and infirm and grounded all of Britain in Christianity with a direct link from Roman times to today.

So for us today it could well be that by "doing the little things well" we can, in our communities, in our schools, in our churches, in our youth centres, in our councils... we can keep morality alive, despite the worst efforts of the Westminster traitors and the vested interests they serve.

On the eve of St David's Day, it is a message everyone, regardless of their situation can employ.

If you or I fail to do that, then the enemy has won and will deserve to win, for if we acquiesce as one more child injects their first hit of heroin, as one more child is snared by the homosexual deathstyle, as one more young adult is persuaded to kill its unborn child, as one more child is left fatherless by some degenerate who walks out on it, then we are no better than the people who have created the system that allows all this and much more to happen.

You and I cannot and should not have that on our conscience.

Our willingness to revolt against a rotten system and its liberal agenda by promoting morality and family life however we can is what will save us as people, as communities and as nations.

As G.K. Chesterton said:

“Tolerance is the virtue of the man without convictions,”

and we should not and cannot tolerate what goes against every grain of decency.

By doing the small things well, we can make a difference, and the larger things may well, God willing, fall into place.

* St David said:
"be joyful, and keep your faith and your creed. Do those little things that you have seen me do and heard about."


Anonymous said...

Well said. Point of fact is Nationalists MUST resist the plague of homosexuality on the streets. The TP has ALWAYS upheld moral values & order in an era of faggotry & immorality.

Remember the posters "GOD HAS A PLAN FOR HOMOSEXUALS - AIDS IS THE BEGINNING" maybe time they were reissued.

Folk, Family, Nation

Anonymous said...

"... the common "age of consent" (which poof militants are already agitating to reduce - even to the age of nine!)"

Is there a source for this?

(Doesn't surprise me.)

Final Conflict said...

Yes - Peter Tatchell wroite a letter into The Guardian in which he said sex with 9 year olds was not always unwanted or harmful.

The exact quote and dated source was used on a leaflet issued by the Third Position.

It drove the poofs mad - because they could not refute the paedophile leanings of one of their leaders.

If you need it i can dig out the exact quote and date.

Anonymous said...

I would very much appreciate that, FC, if it's not too much trouble.

More people need to know about this sort of thing. Once people realise consciously what they already know intuitively -- that homosexuality and pederasty are closely linked -- they are more likely to understand what's really going on with situations like the "paedophile priests" scandals.

(It's interesting to read the Wiki entry for NAMBLA - it's quite an eye-opener. There's no doubt this organization emerged from the gay subculture and was supported by the gay subculture until it became too hot to handle.)

Final Conflict said...

I'll put the quote in the blog so researchers can easily find it.

There is no doubt that the "paedophile abuse" scandal in America was caused by homosexuals in the clergy.

I read a report that said this was covered up - i.e. most of the abusers were homosexuals, and most of the victims teenage boys.

The church once banned faggots from its seminaries [using strict criteria etc.]. An old priest friend visited his old seminary a few years back and reported "it's full of queers" -- he meant the new seminarians of course.

If Bishops in Ireland, America and elsewhere actually BELIEVED instead of holding jobs for life, they would act to rid the seminaries and churches of homosexuals.

If they BELIEVED they would also have acted on this even at a late stage, instead of trying to cover it up to try and keep their reputation!

Didn't Christ say: "Better someone was never born than to harm one of my little ones."

Once you open the door to homosexuals - and nationalists should take note - it will always cause problems!

Anonymous said...

Is not their motto "sex before 8 before it's too late". It is also documented that there are those who term themselves 'Gays Takin Over' (GTO) who have assaulted schoolgirls.

Also, contrary to what some may believe, homosexuality is NOT hereditary!

God has a plan for degenerates...and AIDS is the beginning.

Anonymous said...

We need to make more of the population of this country aware that the Labour Party is the Immigrant and Faggot Party and, whomsoever persists in joining/activism on behalf of and even placing their 'X' at the ballot box for them, ought to be branded as the treasonous vermin that they are.

Also any future school curriculum should include the study of Marxism/Frankfurt School/Common Purpose/sociology/psychonalasis and how/who adopt such practices and for what nefarious means.

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