Friday, 9 September 2011

Nick Griffin's BNP, Corruption, the Courts and the KKK Example

To those watching the gradual, slow death of the BNP we hate to say "we told you so," but we did. Many, many years ago. So did John Tyndall, coming from another genre of nationalism, but the message, warnings and guidance was much the same.

The stabbings in the back, the lies and ideological flip-floppery were there for all to see. Sad to say it will probably be the embezzlement that will finally 'do for' the BNP and some of the other lessons may not be remembered five years from now.

A businessman who had his car seized would be considered a cowboy. Questions would be asked. Employees would be worried. Customers would be concerned. His peers would put some distance between themselves and him.

Yet now we have the leader of the BNP -- whether we like it or not, the main vehicle for nationalism in the UK, and therefore for most the public face of nationalism -- is seen by many as no better than a cowboy builder; who might if he were totally scurrilous, for example, earn money by getting kids to handle asbestos sheeting with no safety breathing apparatus etc. Perish the thought.

I was thinking on this earlier today as I went about my daily toil. Aside from wondering how much money I would have to give to someone to take my car away (it's a magical machine - you never know which doors will work on which days!), the whole episode reminded me of a TV film I watched many years ago.

Cross of Fire (I have it on DVD in some cupboard somewhere here in Codreanu Towers), was a 'made for TV' mini-series. It told the story of the 1920s KKK leader David 'Steve' Stephenson, who due to his charismatic style led the KKK to become very popular and a household name. He led hundreds of thousands to march on Washington DC and had a membership of millions. According to the above Wikipedia link in his home-state of Indiana the KKK had 250,000 members, that's a third of the white male populace! It was a by-word for Christianity, clean-living, American values, the family, and segregation.

Hard to imagine with today's media-image of the KKK as a bunch of inbred clowns or trailer trash with ne'er a brain cell between them, but the KKK back then was a powerful force defending traditional values if you were a White, Anglo-Saxon Protestant ('WASP') American.

Then the truth came out that this KKK leader was a bully, a drunkard and a rapist-murderer. The whole KKK fell apart overnight.

Now I am no expert in American politics of any kind, so I do not know how faithful to the truth the film is. I also know that the Stephenson example is an extreme one, for the BNP is not the KKK and griffin is not Stephenson. Yet there are similarities, and this is what we Third Positionists warned about so many years ago, like voices crying in the wilderness.

It is all very well to turn a blind-eye to the moral, political and financial short-falls of someone you choose to be leader, because he is charismatic, promises great victories, flip-flops to win victories, waters-down to woo the press etc. etc. -- but when those weaknesses come to the fore, as they surely will, you had better watch out!

Why? Because you are not jeopardising that one person, or that one party. You are jeopardising the whole nationalist, patriotic movement for years to come! The public (egged on by an enemy media) will not differentiate for one moment. "We voted/supported/donated to you lot once and you are all crooks - never again" will be the comment on the door steps when the truth comes out - as it surely will, in all its heinous technicolour detail.

And so any "victory" is purely phyrric as we are all tarred with the same brush. Any patriotic upsurge will be painted as led by the corrupt, the money-grubbing, the nepotistic and the cronyist.

How events play-out from here on in will be interesting. Will the end come suddenly? Will there be a long, slow death rattle? The main thing is that the explosion of scandal will effect us all whether we warned against this before 1999 or were "internal dissidents" in the BNP since then. The scatter-gun will catch us all.

Will we learn the lessons this time? It's hard to be optimistic and be a realist.

Link: After SkodaGate, another Court Case


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