Monday, 12 September 2011

New BBC Panorama Programme on Nick Griffin's BNP

BBC Reporter investigating the BNP
So the BBC Panorama team are putting their final touches to the programme about the BNP.

Whilst we cannot celebrate an attack on nationalism by the enemies of the nation, by the products of the Frankfurt School, Marxists promoting liberalism; it is still the case that the BNP has sullied nationalism, through greed, nepotism and cronyism.

The BNP was happy to use the enemy media when it was promoting the idea of a "changed" BNP and a changed nationalism, when it was reaching out for Jewish votes, when it was defending Israeli democracy, when it was embracing civic patriotism and the idea of coloured members, and so on ad nauseum.

Now the chickens are coming home to roost.

Some say the BNP in its current form needs to die for nationalism to grow. Some say its death is part of the long term plan of our enemies, just as they built up C18 and used their assets to rip apart nationalism before consigning it to the dustbin of history. Who knows the real facts, who knows who are the assets, who are the ones motivated solely by greed and ego?

As the punk band Conflict used to say, we'll all need our 'Bull###t detectors' when the programme does air: but the sad thing is that the train wreck the BNP has become financially, which no doubt the BBC will be fixated upon, is as nothing to the political damage already done to nationalism.

The quasi-Zionism: it's all the fault of the "muzzies."
The civic nationalism: Sikhs, Zimbabweans.
The councillors who did nothing or were left without any back-up or resources.

It's all left nationalism in a weaker state, because the next sell-out or snake oil salesman who comes along will fool enough of the people for enough of the time to do untold damage yet again.

Perhaps that's a failure of nationalism. Perhaps it's a failure of human nature.

The sad thing is that whatever muck the BBC rakes through they won't be attacking nationalism for being nationalist, there will be real dirt, real slime and real degenerates. And even with our BS-detectors on maximum filter, we know that a good lot of it will be palpably true.

That the BNP got away with so much for so long without the disparagement of our enemies (bar some minor shots across the bow) in the BBC and mass media spoke volumes. Some say this was because the work of making nationalism a quasi-Zionist force in the shadow of the false-flag op known as "911" was ongoing. Those who think that way may now think that the BNP is no longer needed for that role, especially with the rise of the even more pro-Zionist EDL (even the BNP knew it would political suicide to wave Israeli flags!).

Whatever the truth of the matter, things are changing. With the bailiffs knocking on an MEP's door and a lot of court cases bringing further debts to the door of the BNP, we have to wonder  what will be the real legacy of Nick Griffin's BNP.

Political betrayal, cronyism and nepotism, corruption and thievery, degenerates and (granny) pornography, wasted opportunity... it's not a pleasant picture and we can expect the BBC to wallow in the mire. The truth is that dogs will always behave like dogs, so we should expect no different from the media hirelings: but we should expect better from nationalists!


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