Thursday, 22 September 2011

Atheism Killed 100 Million

If there's one thing about atheists it's that they like to blame everything on God - who doesn't exist. Eh? So next they blame those of us taken in by the "god delusion."

We are thick, stupid and ignorant. They are all-wise, forward-thinking and intelligent. We believe in "myths" while they believe in (unproven) "facts" like the Big Bang and Evolution. They weren't there at the "Big Bang" nor have they found the 'missing link' -- it's a leap of faith you see.

They say that religion causes war, whereas atheism will bring peace to all mankind. The Brotherhood of Man. As well as being a cheesy 70s pop quartet that is a Masonic ideal. Like "equality." It sounds all fine and dandy, until you realise what it, and the manifestation of it in the real world, entails.

Atheism has always been the football of the Freemasons. They have sought to destroy Christianity via the promotion of atheism. That's why the French Revolution was followed inevitably by the Terror, the period when umpteen thousands lost their lives because they did not want to be part of the new atheist state, because they would not give up their Faith, they became 'enemies of the State,' as people who live under atheist regimes quickly find out to their cost, if you don't toe the line, they come down on you like a ton of bricks.

You see atheists like to put it about that they are "live and let live" kind of people. Some may think they are! Yet they and their ideal is essentially a negation of Christianity. They may warble on about Animists in Africa, and giggle at Aboriginal tales of creation, but these fireside stories of pagan peoples are brought in to the mix to belittle Christianity - their Public Enemy Number One.

Atheism was born in Europe and is nurtured by European Freemasonry. They were behind the French Revolution. They supported the Bolshevik Revolution (as did the Wall Street Banks run by mega-rich atheists, Masons and anti-Christians). They will always support any movement that seeks to overthrow Christianity, because Christianity is the number one enemy.

On Twitter recently I have been arguing with a band of atheists (I know, pearls before swine), and have said to them that the officially atheist USSR murdered millions of Ukrainian Christians. This is atheism. They will not have it. They argue it's political. They argue not all atheists are Communists.

But they are twisting (or spinning) the facts. An officially atheist state murdered millions of Christians, as policy. Just as they shut down churches. Just as they put Christians in the gulags.

The facts speak for themselves. As does the anti-Christian hatred of the atheists across Europe (all backed by Masonic ideals) whether in Spain, Hungary, France... these atheists forces were spurred on by a hatred of Christianity. Remember the dead bodies of nuns exhumed on the steps of the local church and opened to rot in the sun? That was done by the "democrats" - the Republicans - in the Spanish Civil War. Were the nuns "fascists"? No, they were dead women. The Republicans, democrats or whatever the hell they were did that because they were atheists and hated Christianity!

Can you imagine a Christian army that would dig up dead atheist nobodies, and dump the bodies in the street outside some atheist building, just to make a point? Out of pure hatred? No, neither can I.

Now the atheists always point at religion as being responsible for wars. They ignore that most wars in history were over land, wealth, ascendancy etc. and often between cousins, related peoples etc. Think of the wars between England and France (at the time both Catholic nations) primarily because England was ruled by a Francophone monarchy with a claim (rightful or dubious depending whether you were English or French) to the French crown and lands. It was essentially a family squabble, you might compare it to the War of the Roses.

Yet many atheists will sit and say that the wars like these were caused by religion. How absurd.

The only wars caused directly by religion were those of the Crusades and those following the Reformation, and in those limited cases we should remember that (as with irreligious or 'normal' wars) there are things known as "just wars" and those known as "unjust wars."

One thing is perfectly clear though, in the whole history of the wars "caused by religion" (as opposed to territorial or national wars) these pale in significance to the 100 million people killed by Communism in the 20th Century alone.

Dare I remind you that Communism is/was an atheist creed? Some would argue its very raison d'etre is to wipe out Christianity, so that the poor sods left living worship the State and only the State.

If we had a State in the 20th century that was officially theist, and its policy was the spread of Christianity (hint: there are none now, France long has been Masonic, the UK too, as was the USA from its inception), that murdered dozens of millions of atheists in its policy to impose Christianity on the world, then the atheist apologists on Twitter and elsewhere would be screaming from the very rooftops!

Yet we had a State that was officially atheist. It was called the USSR. It murdered many dozens of millions of innocent men, women and children because they were Christians. They were killed because Christians were a threat to their Brave New World, their atheist state, which would export its atheist materialism across the world.

The atheists who like to bang on about the Franco-Anglo wars between inter-related Royalty in which mostly professional soldiers and army conscripts died as internecine squabbles over land and power rumbled back and forth for years, get all defensive when the deliberate murder of millions of Christians is brought up.

They twist, they turn, the squeal, they screech. Oh the usual words such as "bigot" are thrown around willy-nilly and even "conspiracy" as they deny history and the death of millions at the hand of a state machinery (which should be illegal shouldn't it? - it is in Germany!).

You see one of the few officially atheist states in the world carried out the worst and biggest mass murder of men, women and children ever in the entire history of the world.

They can squeal and they can squirm, but no twisting the facts, no denying this holocaust, no misrepresentation, no calumnies against the innocent victims, can undo the horrific crime perpetrated by the officially atheist USSR against Christian victims.

Once again, I ask you: imagine if an officially Christian country (there are none today outside the Vatican City statelet, hardly a serious nation-state) purposefully wiped out millions of atheists as a matter of state policy to get rid of atheists or break their resolve as a thorn-in-the-side of the Christian state. Do you think those same atheists would say "oh no it wasn't a really Christian state" or "it's more complicated than that really?" -- These are people who say countless political/national/territorial/fratricidal conflicts were the fault of Christianity with little or no evidence.

Atheists killed 100 million people in the 20th Century. We can blame the Masons, the Communists, whatever. The fact remains:


So Mr. Beardie in your Hush Puppies, Mr. DJ Funk-master with your line of coke, Mr. City Banker with your house in the Cotswolds or Mr Anarcho-lefty with your black flag and allowance from mummy: accept the cold, hard fact that whatever else you may promise, the Brotherhood of Man quickly gives way to the State of the Gulag.

As GK Chesterton once said, the problem with atheism is not that when men stop believing in God they believe in nothing, rather that they will believe in anything. Even the worn out lies, hatred, spin, and fury of the atheists themselves, who will always push for what is not wanted or needed (gay marriage, legalisation of hard drugs, restriction of border controls, widespread abortion, break-up of the family and so on, etc. etc. etc.) simply because it helps bring about the end of the last vestige of Christianity in our society, cannot disguise these simple facts.

Man always needs a belief system and a moral code. Nature abhors a vacuum (especially when the football's on - sorry, dad joke). So without Christianity we have to have, one way or another, a replacement - that's when we end up with State Socialism, Bankers' greed, homo-rights, mass abortion, rampant usury, criminals' rights etc. etc. etc.

The atheists will promise peace but deliver war. They will promise happiness but deliver fear. They will promise love but deliver hatred. They will promise plenty but deliver want. They will promise freedom but deliver the gulag.

Remember. Atheism killed 100 million in the last century.

Given half a chance they would gladly do the same all over again. Their barely concealed hatred for those who "dare" to defend Christianity and Christian Truth is there for all to see. In 1917 the powerful Wall Street banks bank-rolled the Communist Revolution, because the same anti-God forces were at work in Wall Street. Today the children of 1968 run the EU. "Ex" Communists infest it from top to bottom, as can be seen from the laws their undemocratic executive pass against the family, against decency, for the atheist State etc. etc.

The names, places and means have changed. But the idea, the aim remains the same.

It started when they rounded up the "fascists." I did not speak out because I wasn't a fascist.
Then they rounded up the "pro-lifers." I did not speak out because I wasn't a pro-lifer.
Then they rounded up those opposed to gay "marriage." I did not speak out because I wasn't opposed to gay "marriage."
Then they rounded up those opposed to immigration. I did not speak out because I wasn't opposed to immigration.
Then they rounded up the Anti-EU lobby. I did not speak out because I wasn't in the anti-EU lobby.
Then they rounded up the Christians. I did not speak out because I wasn't a Christian.
Then they came for me...

Think on. 


harry said...

like the Masons i think some atheists may actually believe in God they just hate him with such a deep loathing that they promote atheism as a means to destroy faith in others.

It is definately more about what they are against than in what they are for.

If they had to be FOR anything, they would all tear each other to shreds.

Anonymous said...

Great post. ¡Viva Cristo Rey!

Anonymous said...

By the same token, many priests/vicars, clergy in general have publicly declared that they 'only believe in God as a means to hedge their bets'.

Anonymous said...

i dont doubt it. It was the Masonic influence on post-60s "trendy" liturgy etc. and the influx of faggots into the seminaries (hitherto banned) that meant a generation of non-believing clerics, as well as sodomites in the church.

the liberals want "rights for queers" yet screech when the queers put in charge of kids [schools, scouts, churches, council homes] abuse them.

Only by rooting out the fags [and non-believers as clerics] can we protect the innocent and make our nation Christian again.

Anonymous said...

"By the same token, many priests/vicars, clergy in general have publicly declared that they 'only believe in God as a means to hedge their bets'."

- And get a pension.

Anonymous said...

Atheists will always tell you what they are against, but never what they are FOR.

Greed, gulags, anarchy...

Just look at society. At each stage of it losing its Christian character it has taken a fall into the worse.

Capitalist greed made our people live in slums.

Communist power made peoples live in terror or gulags.

masonic power delivers debt slavery and the power of nightmares.

Anonymous said...

Atheism is also laziness.

Christianity has to defend its dogmas, its beliefs, its history etc.

Atheism is built on shifting sands. So the USSR murdered because it was Red, not due to its atheism.

Some theory used to prop up atheism is disproved, they all move on to other theories...

Like a herd of cats, their very anarchic nature and worship of "science" constantly changes as one of their theories is disproven or undermined.

Piltdown Man?

Christero said...

Brilliant article. Atheism also being one of the Catastrophic reasons for Nationalism falling to the dogs in this country. How many Nationalists now declare themselves to be Social Darwinists etc. Lot's of the old top BNP types such as Kemp where staunch Atheists, with leaders like that the flock will go nowhere. Those that do proclaim to be "Christian" are generally deluded protestants that usually coudn't give a toss about the faith but like the "Christian warrior" image!

Our Lord and creator should always be put before natural matters such as Race and Nation etc. Dying for you country if you don't believe in Heaven is a pretty dim idea.

Antony said...

I appreciate the great blog but watching Zeitgeist makes a man wonder how many times these stories have been told. The message is strong and remains the same, Christian values are the only hope, but how is it possible to believe in a virgin giving birth and the whole thing being recorded centuries later? Most Christians wont even talk about it (and that is killing Christianity)

Anonymous said...

If you believe in Christianity you believe in the Virgin birth. It is that simple. It was not even a quarrel at the time of the Reformation, and only Talmudo-Masons would argue against it, as it undermines the central tenet of Christianity, that Christ is the Son of God.

Reactor said...

It's interesting that the atheists are so strident in their abuse of Christianity at the very moment in history when Christianity has never been weaker and more marginalised. Just like the rabbis who can't help raging against the Church when so many modern churchmen are bending over backwards to flatter & appease them.

Anonymous said...

The atheist argument as is also pushed by anti-religionists(!) is that "religions start wars", utter nonsense, in a religiously homogenous nation there is obviously going to be no 'conflict of interest' because there will obviously be only one religion, similarily with race, if we were allowed live amongst our own kind within our own racial/cultural borders without the prescence of muds then there would be no 'racial antagonism'.....simple really but too simple for the simple minded!

Final Conflict said...

Good point well made.

it's akin to the atheists of the Labour Party (lefty-Capitalists or wet Socialists) bringing in millions of Muslims, Sikhs, Hindus etc. as an excuse to undermine Christianity.

Anonymous said...

Where I find Christianity particularly weak in on the subject of race: apart from some proto-socialist hokum like, 'we're all created equal' it has little to say of relevance. Obviously the races are not equal but Christianity would rather obscure this fact with sentimental talk about the impossibility of loving thine neighbour.

Anonymous said...

Yeah impossible. You wonder how a religion conquered the whole world with such 'impossible' ideas.

If it were man made it would say "chill out" or "take it easy" and be kind of good and you can still get to heaven.

Anonymous said...

where does the church say we are all equal? Surely we are all equal in the sight of God? Slightly different.

Heaven is a hierarchy. Society is a hierarchy. The Church is a hierarchy. Even Hell is a hierarchy. The whole of Creation is hierarchical. If we were created equal we would have the same talents, height, hair, strength etc.

God knows there is hierarchy, on earth as in Heaven: The last become first etc...

Dont be fooled by post-60s liberals.

Anonymous said...

Well that proves my point on the impossibility of loving one's neighbour: even the Church, in its conquest of Europe (not the World!) could afford the luxury of loving its enemy; rather it tended to wholesale slaughter them! (Charlemagne's genocide of the Pagan Saxons, for example.) Not only does the Church promote equality, it also has a marked tendency to prefer the inferior and the botched, blessed are the meek etc.

Anonymous said...

You are confusing charity for the poor for loving the "botched". The church, for example, always believed in charity whilst also believing in justice.

That's why the Capitalists had to close the monasteries so the poor could be used and abused wth no-one to look out for their interests.

As for Charlamagne - I am sure the warfare of many years led him to fight in defence of his Empire and its people against tribes hardly known for their pacifism.

When Christian soldiers shoot other soldiers in a just war you cannot decry Christianity. Should a Christian husband do nothing as a neighbour rapes his wife? Clearly not, the just war doctrine dictates he can shoot the invader.

No matter in years to come the ignorant will say "ooh look at THAT Christian, he didn't 'love his neighbour' very much".

Anonymous said...

"Europe is the faith and the faith is Europe".

Anonymous said...

Those who don't believe in anything will be anything!

League of Welsh said...

This one's for the FatMan:

Anonymous said...

Charidee? The dumping of hard-earned money into the bottomless pit of the Turd World to build their numbers into another famine? No thanks! As a racial nationalist this is one Christian virtue I can live without!

Anonymous said...

True Charity is not dumping tons of usury-notes or sacks of grain.

True Charity is helping them break free of usury-debt and Marxist despots.

Self-sufficiency for the Third World would help us end immigration.

Asia and Africa should pose no risk to us. It is the actions of Marxists and the banks that have created this MESS.

True Christian Charity is not confirming people in their errors or breeding a form of dependency.

Your anger should be with the humanists and those who want to "tinker with the works" who, in turn, ensure the infernal mess continues and love that immigration is one of the "answers".

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True Christian Charity is not confirming people in their errors or breeding a form of dependency.

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