Thursday, 15 September 2011

Shocking Pic of David Cameron's NF Past

Entering tabloid media mode:

Yes! Shock Horror!

It's David "Call me Dave" Cameron's secret "Nazi" past.

Whilst other Tories were buggering each other before Monday Club meetings, or pocketing thousands via lucrative bank placements and non-executive roles in arms manufacturers before voting for wars, Mr. Cameron was known as "Nazi Dave" down the Fleece n Ferkin, Smethwick.

"Oh yeah," recalls the old landlord Steve Bloke "He'd come in here giving it large, doing 'Itler salutes and suchlike, saying as how all them black fellas needs to shove off 'ome. Fair upset Leroy off of the darts team. Now can I have that tenner?"

His headmaster, Gerald Huffington-Poshly, has vivid memories: "Damn and blast his eyes. Cameron Junior had his whole life ahead of him. He could play a decent round of polo, and was a half-decent fag for that Rothschild chappy, then he blew it all by getting with these oiks and turning up for classes with a false toothbrush moustache. By Jupiter, what a daft cove. Terribly upset young Crown Prince Leroy from Zimboozooland (formerly Rumbababawe)."

A close friend of Mr Cameron's, Stanley Madeupname, said "This will rock the government to its foundations. Thank Allah we have the Daily Moron to bring us the truth."

More tomorrow in your super soaraway Daily Moron.


Anonymous said...

It is rumoured that Cameron threw in his lot with the Conservative Party after he became aquainted with Nick Griffin and his nefarious ways!

Final Conflict said...

Thanks 'League of Welsh' for the message and for the heads-up on the book. Fascism Freedom Fun.

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