Sunday, 11 September 2011

More Interesting Facts About Gaddafi and Libya

Nationalising oil and banking meant Libya was free, something that must have irked the Rothschilds. Moving oil funds to gold (away from the US Dollar) was a direct threat to America. This is why war was inevitable -- and why the "allies" are not so bothered about other countries' affairs.

After all, they backed the dictator Mubarak, for DECADES because he supported America and Israel -- even when he tortured and killed many civilians. The Rothschilds' news agencies and governments kept quiet.

Mubarak kept Egyptians in poverty, whereas Gaddafi helped the poorest in Libya. Yet the unforgivable crime is to reject false Rothschilds paper-money created out of thin air and grounded in usury.

No-one is suggesting Gaddafi is/was perfect or that his regime was perfect; but we can see that overall his regime's aim was the betterment of Libya, for the rights of Libyans, and for the freedom of his own continent from the control of international big business.

How much better than the corrupt despots kept in power by the CIA, who starve their people while they squander resources for their own profit?


The Counter-Democratic League said...

Good article.

It should be clear to all that the 'Democracy' which the Americans intend to institute in Libya is nothing less than the stripping of power from the people. Gadaffi was not elected, nor did he hold referendums on what he wished done, however he gave all people what they needed - even if some didn't receive all that they wanted. The real tragedy for the rebellious Libyans will be the disappointment when they realise that NATO's war was not for them.

Libya shall become, in due time, a vassal state of America and thereby Israel shall once more be made safe from the threat of a united, independent Africa.

It is a pity that Gadaffi did not succeed - if he had, perhaps a few of us sleepy Westerners would have woken up and seen that if the Africans could unite and improve themselves, that we white Europeans have no excuse for spiralling down the drain as we now are.

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