Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Tory MP Urges Crackdown on Churches that Refuse "Gay Weddings"

A gay couple, Mike and Dave. Well, they look happy
How quick we have moved, or rather have been pushed, as a society.

It doesn't take long does it for the usual degenerate anti-Christian, anti-family agenda to come to the fore.

Now a Tory MP, Mike Weatherley MP for Hove, wants Churches that refuse to do "gay weddings" (whatever the HELL they are!) to face a crackdown from the State.

Dear God in heaven! Just 15 years ago you would have thought such a thing would be the plot from a book about the advent of the Anti-Christ.

Will "Call me Dave" Cameron brush this aside to look like a "pretty straight kinda guy" [copyright T. Blair] whilst he pushes through yet more pro-homosexual laws? Seems likely. So Cameron looks like he's pro-family and decent, whilst a Brighton area MP picks up more pooftah votes.


As sections of the BBC push "BCE/CE" instead of BC/AD for years as a way to undermine our Christian culture (stupid really as BCE and CE - [Before] Common Era, both take their cut-off point as the birth of Christ) we shouldn't be that surprised.

The BBC hope that be enforcing BCE and CE in more places it will become more widely used, like the accursed "partner" has replaced spouse/husband/wife/fiancee/girlfriend/boyfriend/casual sexual partner/menage a trois/tree with a weird shaped hole in it.

Our culture is being eroded, by the BBC, by mass immigration and by the laws pushed by Rotshchild-rent-boy politicians.


If this MP ever got his way we would be like the Scots in Braveheart being married in the woods, or the Irish in Elizabethan penal times, attending Mass in the wilderness. Given the choice between the "official" State-sanctioned Church (as in the USSR or today's China) or the underground Church that remains loyal to Church teachings, we would have no choice!

Buggered if I'll go to a "gay wedding" church.

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