Sunday, 18 September 2011

More Zionist War, More Homosexual 'Rights', It's NuLab 2.0

The Rothschilds create money so buy politicians
Like NuLab before them there seem to be two preoccupations with the ConDem government. As with Blair, so with Cameron (Blair 2.0)

They are:
  • The onwards march of the Neo-Con/Rothschild agenda via unjust wars.
  • The onwards march of the liberal/Masonic agenda via the promotion of homosexual "rights."

It seems bizarre (or would do if we didn't know the real agenda of, and the matters of real importance to, this and previous governments) that Cameron, like Blair, would waste so much time and money on these two prongs of government policy, when that time, effort and money could be used to help those battling to make ends meet following the tax-payers' multi-billion pound bail-out of the banks.

  • Do unjust, highly questionable and morally bankrupt foreign wars help those who have lost jobs?
  • Do more highly questionable "laws" promoting the agenda of the morally bankrupt pink lobby help those whose businesses are teetering on bankruptcy?
  • Does spending billions on yet more overseas Rothschild 'adventures' help OAPs struggling to pay heating bills?
  • Does wasting parliamentary time on yet another "law" to promote sodomy help workers who have to choose between paying bills or buying food?

It is my view that the Neo Con and homosexual agendas show where the loyalties, interests and perceived duties of the politicians lie.

In a recent article I was reading it described the politicians as the rent boys of international finance. This seems so apt, on so many levels!

Another quote I read from a Rothschild matriarch many, many years ago went along the lines of "If the Rothschilds didn't want any wars, there would be no wars."

Remember these people own a huge bulk of the world's wealth (I read a recent estimation that it was half), that they can buy, bribe, cajole and bankroll all the political rent-boys they want, and that is why we have had so many dodgy wars, justified in the most ridiculous ways, and so many laws promoting homosexuality - hardly a matter of national importance.

When our government should be protecting our people from rapacious usury, when our government should be putting money into helping crumbling communities, and when our government should be using parliamentary time to remedy so many social ills and economic woes - we must ask why they are pushing for needless, unjust wars and so many pro-homosexual laws.

In a week when alleged cocaine usage by a very senior member of the government is being touted by a call-girl, it is not wrong for many of us to ask why those with so many peccadilloes, with so little backbone, and with such a willingness to go gung ho for an agenda that undermines the good that is left in Britain, are the ones leading our country.

Their subservience to the bankers, the Neo Con war-machine, the pink lobby, the Israeli lobby... shows where their loyalties lie.

Just this week news leaked out that the British state has tweaked the rules so Israeli war criminals can now come to the UK without fear of being arrested.

Do you still think we live in a "democracy" -- or an oligarchy that does what is told by the Rothschild elite and their hirelings?

Various Nu Lab people used to say that the most important role for a government is to protect its people, as they led us into expensive, illegal wars. Yet what protection do any of the hirelings and rent boys offer us from the bankers, the war machine, the tidal wave of drugs and the homosexual agenda?

Very little.

And so the rot continues. Not in spite of the government, but because of the government.


Mel Young said...

Perhaps my poem of 2002 aptly describes the British political scene:-

An Anarchist's Dream
1. I sat enthralled to see the sight -
The hurly-burly and the spite
That pass for honourable parliament;
The bedlam, ire and noxious bile
That issue from that chamber vile
Where sits our mighty government.

2. To think we chose th’unruly crew
To steer our nation - makes me spew
This elected base autocracy.
For such display of manners crass
Would ne’er be brooked in school or class
Where seethes puerile discourtesy .

3. In calmer hours when hangs the deep
Of night and all are fast asleep,
Sit th’illustrious members still.
There two or three drone to the rest -
The twenty-one with heads on chest
Who doze throughout the private bill.

4. Is this the host who muddle on,
Take ill decisions while they pawn
The assets of our nation great;
And plunder middle England’s wealth
(The taxes freely giv’n) by stealth
And subterfuge of thieving State?

5. And all the while the poor remain
A downcast brood scarce worth a name,
While rich are seen to bloom and flower.
It counts as little what the swing
To Left or Right or Centre wing,
'The Government' remains The Power!

6. The British people aye must be
Bereft of true democracy,
Till full accountability
In Westminster be brought to bear
On all th’elect who claim to care
Yet waive responsibility.

7. Will e’er the dream be realised
When bold Guy Fawkes is canonized
To sate each avid anarchist?
Will e’er be seen the glorious sight -
Each parliamentary parasite
Hung by the neck - they’d ne’er be missed?

8. Beware we all this trait’rous scum
Who bid all alien invaders come
To violate our British State.
Our long dead heroes, rank on rank,
Must rouse and curse appeasement frank
Which hastens a calamitous fate.

9. Though victor in two mighty wars
‘gainst foes our Britishness abhors,
These machinate to pound us down
To nationalism’s dark nadir
By thrust of legislative spear
To lie despoiled of throne and crown.

10. Lay trust in the veracity
Of Tory party strategy
And set those with professional bent
To direct Britain’s destiny -
A team with true proficiency.
Let’s privatise The Government!

(Copyright © Mel Young 2002)

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